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Dabota Lawson’s Classy Response To Linda Ikeji

Dabota Lawson’s Classy Response To Linda Ikeji


Linda Ikeji posted a blog post about Dabota Lawson. In her post Linda Ikeji wrote that Lawson who is light skinned strangely has dark knuckles. She also wondered why Lawson’s own products were not working for her.

“Looks to me like light skinned ladies have yet to find the solution to dark knuckles – why? I noticed Dabota Lawson Aku’s knuckles in a video she posted on her instagram page teaching people how to use her makeup. Doesn’t the creams they use work on knuckles?” wrote Linda Ikeji.Instagram

However, Linda Ikeji was served a taste of her own medicine when she called out beauty entrepreneur and billionaire’s housewife, Dabota Lawson for bleaching her skin and leaving her knuckles dark. Well Dabota wasnt having none of that as she came for Linda real hard, Dabota scouted for photos of Linda where she had visibly darker knuckles and darker knees to proof that she (Linda) herself was no better when it comes to skin bleaching and so on. Dabota posted on Instagram:

Heeeey guys calm down I’m not going to fire shots at anyone Linda is entitled to her opinion and I love and respect her.”

“But as someone in the cosmetic business I will say Dear Linda , I don’t like it either , and it’s not just light skinned girls that are affected by dark knuckles , dark knees or elbows as you can see from your own pic but I’m working on it with my DABOTA BOTANICAL LIGHTENING LOTION.

Now that’s Classy!




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