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Zack Orji In Support Of Son’s Music Career

Zack Orji In Support Of Son’s Music Career


Popular Nollywood actor, Zack Orji said he is in support of his son, Leo’nel’s, music career and he has never tried to persuade him to follow in his acting steps.
Responding to questions in a recent interview, the veteran actor said, Everyone has the skill and talent that are embedded in them from God, the creator, and the only way we can achieve the purpose of our creation is by fulfilling the purpose that God created us for, which is to make use of what He has put in us and then bring it out for the benefit of our community. So when my son, Leo’nel said he wanted to go into media, I said fine I will give you all the support as long as you work hard to be the best.”

He added that he welcomed the decision from the onset as Leo’nel has always hinted that he wants to go into music after he graduates from the University of Bradford where he studied Media with Television. “At the end of the day, you cannot force your child to be what you want him to be,” he said.

Giving a hint about another of his children having interest in entertainment, he said, “I have three children; a son and two daughters. My first daughter is already showing an inclination towards music. In the last Kids Got Talent Awards that was held at the Muson Center, she won two awards: Best Creative Act, and People’s Online Choice award. My point of view is that we should encourage our children to be the best they can be. Whatever it is your child shows a special skill in, you should encourage them because anything can raise a child from nothing to something, and bring glory to the family. The Bible says a man’s gift will make a way for him and bring him before kings.”

Zack also commented  on the growth of the film industry, noting that competition from other industries within Africa has opened up a challenge for improvement both in performance and technicality. He applauded AMAA awards as a veritable ground that has engineered the growth of Nollywood.

Speaking on the issue of collaborations between Nollywood and other African countries, he said,  “We  started with Ghana as far back as 1998, before moving on to South Africa, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Liberia, Cameroon and others. We have been gradually reaching out to colleagues in other African countries and the response has always been encouraging. The good thing about the work we have done so far in Nigeria is that we occupy a vanguard position in all of Africa to the point that a lot of our colleagues in other African countries invite us when they want to do the kind of things we are doing in Nigeria, and that is very welcoming and commendable. The only thing you can say is that at the governmental level, Nigeria has not signed the co-production treaties with other African countries.   Meanwhile, countries like South Africa have already done that. When we cross that  bridge, it will make certain funds available for feature co-productions.”





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