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You Must See This…..Lol!!

You Must See This…..Lol!!


Angry fans and crowd laments on twitter over the least expected shocker from the Lauryn hill concert..

It has got me cracking all along, trust Nigerians na! just hope they don’t switch their anger at the organizers…. See below:

Veteran Singer Lauryn Hill Disgraced on Stage-ngtrends

@dotuncoolfm : #If Lauryn Hill attended my secondary school, its expulsion for not coming to the assembly the 1st time & late the 2nd time.. Haba!

@Ridwane : #Lauryn Hill dey with Terry G. She dey receive inspiration from the Gingah master. Let the crowd wait till 4am
@tolugunkesi  #It’s like the Lauryn Hill crowd will get to ask themselves ‘How was your night?’ before leaving Eko Hotel.

@ Beausteven blog Lauryn Hill Will be looking at Nigeria twitter trend…. Like Demmmm these guys have no chill

@Oyewaleayo People sitting down in a concert till 11pm sunday night to watch Lauryn Hill when work dey tomorrow. A Nigerian artist won’t get this chill

@Ridwane  #Lauryn Hill will make many of these people at Eko Hotel get queries in their places of work. Except they are danfo and taxi drivers..
@omojuwa #Sad! people hardly get value for their money in Nigeria. When you go for a Lauren Hill concert, you expect better.



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