Home Entertainment #TBT With Top 5 Massive Hits From Ace Producer Paul Play
#TBT With Top 5 Massive Hits From Ace Producer Paul Play

#TBT With Top 5 Massive Hits From Ace Producer Paul Play


Today on our #throwbackdesk, we have ace producer and musician, Paul Babatunde Dairo popularly known as Paul Play is a musician , producer and the son of Legendary IK Dairo, the offa;  present day Kwara state born musician who ruled the hemisphere- in the sixties and seventies.


He is the most creative musician in recent times on the Nigerian music industry, his cocktail of genres from western  world, R&B and rap to traditional Highlife  and Juju music is  responsible for his unmatchable uniqueness.

The lovers of his kind of music  cuts across the divide. It’s on record that the former president of Nigeria Olusegun Obasanjo and his late wife Stella were great lovers of his music  because while in government, he had performed for them more than any of pairs.


He had hid mind set on the international scene, a workaholic and he is famous for uniquely blending his fathers kind of music with his, hence, keeping the fire burning in the family name.


He has over the years, released countless  hit songs, done so many collaborations but this week we are touching only five of his works.

  1. mo so rire o
  2. fool in love
  3. angel of my life
  4. we are Nigerians
  5. forever

With just this selected old jamz which still sounds evergreen till date, you will agree with me that he is no doubt a

top-notch producer, entrepreneur and musician, having written his name in history book… History will permit me to say Paul Play is a bunch of talents..



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