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#TBT With Duo Of Bracket Top 5 Songs

#TBT With Duo Of Bracket Top 5 Songs



The Nigerian rock music group formed in early 2000’s. With duo of Nwachukwu Oziokwu and Ali Obumneme. They are compatriots who were born and grew up in 042 aka Enugu State.

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They met each other in the university located in Nsukka. The duo came to limelight after the Star Quest Competition in 2002 and that was their first public appearance.

Bracket released their debut album in 2009. It was titled ‘Least Expected’. The song Yori yori was  first  written in Yoruba and became the real hit later. Making huge sales for them.

Here’s our top 5  hit jamz of Bracket:

1.’Yori yori’

2.‘happy day’

3. ‘looking at you’,

4. ‘beautiful baby’

5. ‘ada owerri’

All this are no doubt songs that rocked the airwaves and charts.

In an exclusive interview, they revealed that inspiration behind Yori Yori came from P Square and Sam Okposo (Jesus I thank u welu welu) and this was produced by dekumzy.



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