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‘staying healthy is tough’ – Sam Smith Laments

‘staying healthy is tough’ – Sam Smith Laments


According to sources, Sam Smith is under nutritional therapy,working with therapist Amelia Freer’s book Eat. Nourish. Glow.  But he admits that his weight loss has been 14lbs in just 2 weeks,  then the journey has been better said than done.



Smith shared this post on his IG page and captioned it: ”Just wanted to take this time to say a little piece about how my eating has been over the past two months whilst touring, and just driving home more than EVER how important I think it is for us to eat more healthy.”

However he says: ”I have been touring America for the last two months and been visiting the most amazing cities and towns. Two things I’ve realized, America is f**** HUGE but also…. It has been SO tough to stay healthy and a few times, actually impossible where I’ve been left with the choice of…. Eat this, or don’t eat anything for a day.”

He added that the problem is something that many struggle with, regardless of geography.  ”It’s not just America it’s all over the world, I know. But Lordy Lordy Lordy it’s a problem. I know this is very preachy and I’m aware I have access to healthier foods now. But all I’ll say is if you can…. Try find a way to be healthy. It will make you so much happier.”


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