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Space Jam 2 Is Here Again And Better

Space Jam 2 Is Here Again And Better


There are some crazy rumors out there that a Space Jam sequel will inevitably happen staring LeBron James. I’m not sure there’s an inch of creditability to that gossip, but who knows — A Ghostbusters reboot seemed unimaginable five years ago.

If Space Jam 2 were to happen, who should be in it? Our boy Nick Dimengo imagined an all star cast of current-day athletes and movie stars over at Bleacher Report. Bill Murray, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Russell Westbrook, and Blake Griffin all make appearances, as does Anthony Davis’s eyebrows.

Today, Warner Bros. and Spring Hill Entertainment, the production company NBA superstar LeBron James co-founded with Maverick Carter, announced a partnership. That in and of itself is not headline news, especially when you consider the general praise for James’ performance in Amy Schumer’s Train-wreck. But connect that to the fact that Warners apparently re-registered the trademarks for Space Jam and suddenly crazed ’90s kids everywhere are starting to speculate about a potential sequel the Michael Jordan/Looney Tunes flick all over again.

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