Home Entertainment Sonia Morales-Ogbonna Lashes Out At ‘Religious’ People
Sonia Morales-Ogbonna Lashes Out At ‘Religious’ People

Sonia Morales-Ogbonna Lashes Out At ‘Religious’ People


Sonia Morales

Sonia Morales-Ogbonna, wife to popular actor and model, IK Ogbonna, took to Instagram, Wednesday(Aug. 26), to speak against the ‘holier-than-thou’ crowd.

The Colombian-born beauty held nothing back as she lashed out against religious and fake people who are always quick to judge another’s fault.

I’d rather sit & hang out with robbers,kidnappers and all sorts of criminals and prostitutes who admit that they are sinners then to be around fake “saints” having opinion and something to say about other people’s lives like they walk in their shoes daily. Hello,Who asked you?” she posted.

You hide under religion and lines from Holy Books to judge others and throw shades by counting other people’s sins on loud. How does that make you a good “God fearing ” person?

“The fact u all covered up in church every Sunday doesn’t make u a Saint,nether better then the rest ,it makes u a hypocrite as long as you can’t put your disgusting judgmental nature under control .

“Do you think everyone must live life according standards from your village? Or do you think pointing at other people’s sins will make your own less noticeable?? Gerroutahere” she concluded on Instagram.

IK Ogbonna and wife, Sonia Morales




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