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See Teacher Who Created A Kanye West-Themed Classroom

See Teacher Who Created A Kanye West-Themed Classroom


Kanye West Classroom
At McCabe Elementary School in Mendota, Calif., teacher Adrian Perez decided to switch up the norm and create a Kanye West-themed classroom for his lucky students.“I teach my students to dive deeper in their thought process, and to use real world connections, and to think outside of the box,” Perez told E! News. “I just thought, let me break the pavement and be innovative, and pull off this Kanye West classroom theme.”

Kanye West Classroom

He continued, “I was quick witted with Kanye West lyrics and turned them into positive and motivating display titles for my classroom walls.”From the minute students walk into the door, they are “welcomed to the good life” that includes different themes based on West’s hottest tracks.

Perez told Good Morning America that songs including “On Sight,” “Power,” “Touch the Sky” and “Champion” help translate into classroom goals. It’s small details that the teacher hopes will help bring about a creative space for his students.

Kanye West Classroom

“Mostly all of my students, if not all, did not know who Kanye West was prior to coming to my class,” he explained to E! News. “That is not the focus, but I did explain to them how I was creative in putting their classroom together.”After receiving support from parents and administrators, Perez hopes he can continue to expand his classroom with new ideas.

“I am trying to be the Kanye West of teaching. Kanye West is the best at what he does, and I want to be the best at what I do,” he told E! News. “As for now, I will stick with this theme. It is amazing! Why wouldn’t I? I have several ideas to build on, but I’ll keep it a secret for now.”

Hey Kanye, perhaps you can pay a visit one day. After all, we’ve seen you stop by colleges before.

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