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SA Rapper Cassper Nyovest Has A Word For Nigerian Rappers

SA Rapper Cassper Nyovest Has A Word For Nigerian Rappers


According to a recent interview, Cassper Nyovest consider likely that South African Hip-hop is bigger than Nigerian Hip-hop because for all its hype it doesn’t relay with people that don’t understand our dialet, hence making it restricted to just Nigeria..




 Further more,  Cassper states in his words : “I don’t know about Nigerian Hip-hop that much. I don’t know if it will ever be as big as South African Hip-hop because the Nigerian hip-hop that is big, is mostly indigenous.”

Again he said: “Like Olamide and Phyno, that’s the Hip-hop that’s big in Nigeria, and for that to translate into South Africa is difficult because we’re still struggling to understand pidgin English, so when you go deeper into Igbo and Yoruba, it’s like we can’t even hear anything.

“It’s a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because Hip-hop can relate more to people in Nigeria because of Olamide and Phyno, but it stops them from crossing over.” He further stated.


Cassper further acknowledges that although South African Hip-hop has more crossover potential than that of Nigeria, the West African country still possesses the greatest rapper on the continent – M.I Abaga.

“There are still guys like M.I, and Ice Prince that are dope rappers. I think M.I is probably the best rapper in Africa. M.I is the best rapper on the continent. So if we could have more of M.Is, probably we could relate more.

 I don’t know how he judged but i got my best already penned down stay hooked for the surprise!!



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  1. Making a judgement based on only two countries z not fair at all. I still don’t know why the major platforms we have on the African continent do not provide a fair battlefield to all regions and countries. I strongly believe E.Africa posses the best rappers. .U.g’s hip hop z way too far. Tz wt ts bongo, Kenya. …Guyz here do quality music. Bt, MTV Luks at only SA and Naija. Too bad! !!


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