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Poem: Woman Of My Dreams

Poem: Woman Of My Dreams



Woman of my dreams it is you
I searched for
it is you
my heart yearned for
it is you
I waited for

Woman of my dreams
your love reaches out to me
from a distance
I hear the sound
of your laughter
awaken the joy
Many women
have come and gone
many have no idea
what they did
to me
to my heart
to my dreams
to my love
I have been hurt
in my search for love
suffered pain
in the name of love
taken advantage of
in the name of love
my belief in true love
has been tested
through the fire
but I believe
in the love that you bring
I believe
in the peace that you bring
I believe
that your love is real

Woman of my dreams
come to me
touch me
caress me
hold me
love me
whisper to me
words from your heart
whisper to me
joys I will find in your arms
whisper to me
the possibilities of my dreams
whisper to me
the greatness that lies within

Woman of my dreams
I am yours
If you promise to be mine
I am yours
If you make me your knight
I am yours
Just you and me
let me
show you how much I care
let me
give you all I have prepared
let me
wipe away your tears
let me
cover you in the glow of my love

Woman of my dreams
I await your arrival
my servants work
making preparations
for you
beautifying my place
a place
for you and me
a place
where love and peace
will reign
a place
where you and I in love will play
where our dreams will grow great
where divine purpose hold’s sway
my love for you will never tire
we will feed on our inner fires
as we birth our desires
I hear your hastened footsteps
your quickened heartbeat
I feel your presence
the sweetness of your essence
pour over me
overwhelm me
love me
every bit of me.



I Am Ayex The only reason I haven't posted it is cos it aint TRENDING. I love posting what matters and the reason it isn't trending is b'cos its not important :-)


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