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My Husband is Treating Me Like A Prisoner, Very Over Protective

My Husband is Treating Me Like A Prisoner, Very Over Protective


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Dear NGTrends Readers,

For the past 2years .My husband nags about every little thing this days.He picks on anything I say. To the extent of me not being too free to discuss issues or normal conversations as husband and wife anymore. It all started like a joke. sometimes the thoughts that always comes to my mind is men and their stressful moment,i will just allow him to be. But right now the whole thing is making me go gaga.To put pictures of my friends like celebrating their birthdays or Wedding Anniversary with then via what’s up or BB is a case. My own picture, OMG!

We may experience house of commotion that day.If I makes his breakfast with toast bread he would say the bread is too cold. I should bring it straight from the toaster and then to his mouth.If u make it hot he would be like do u want to kill me before my time.If we go outing with other families and a conversation is raised I dare not contribute.if I do when we get home wahala.He will be like are u the only woman there must u show them that ur educated or exposed.I hardly talks back at him when ever he’s nagging or should I say shouting?If i do,the next call I would get that day or next is my parent’s calls from different angles even from my younger sister sometimes,telling them how I have been maltreating him,even cries at the process while complaining.Can u imagine that! Sometimes I will be like hun! some men sha….LOL…

Am shading tears at this moment .U know why?I love my kids so much that I can’t even imagine my life without them by doing something so drastic that we all might leave to regret.when I try to seat him down and talk some senses into him,he keeps telling me he’s facing a lot of pressure from his business.But what I doesn’t seems to understand is when I complained to 2 people I believed he’s a bit close to, because he’s not the type that hangs out with men rather with women or should I say small small girls. He doesn’t keep friends.He’s always on his own but never at home.They were surprised hearing such from me.They Will start telling me how he talks so much about me how I reorganized his business since I started working with him. He stopped me from my previous business.Because he wants me too close to him, how I takes very good care of the children despite his absence etc.My dad and my husband’s elder brother keeps telling me that my husband they know can’t do without me.One thing I should known is that he’s too jealous to a fault and sometimes it might be complex.

That he’s scared of facing me whenever we have issues that he always thinks he might lose me on the process that’s why he keeps coming to them whenever I try to talk back at him he believes they are the people I respect so much.And yet at my presence he never believes I can do anything,infact he makes me feel that am useless most times.But in all he does not hit me,he can only shout and nags.
I just decided to share this basic ones with other married women and men out there.I seriously wants to know if am the only one experiencing this.Because am really losing my mind. What can i do?



I Am Ayex The only reason I haven't posted it is cos it aint TRENDING. I love posting what matters and the reason it isn't trending is b'cos its not important :-)


  1. Madam I don’t support you leave him alone for now just seat back and relax your mind is a little short period of time he will later come. And tell you that he is sorry

  2. Madam nice hearing dis! Some how is funny! But d bottom line is dat ur husband love and adore u! Just take it easy wit him! Every tin ll be over, don’t loose ur mind! @ times say some nasty words to him make him feel very bad! But don’t go out dere telling people what happen between u people! What ever he say to u! Reply him same!I no u are a soft woman, but try to be harder on him! Kk

  3. Pls just be patient with ur man, although am not married yet buh I seems to understand you a litlle a bit. Just relax ur mind and keep focusing on ur children, am sure he will cum back to his senses

  4. It happen everywhere even too me that my wedding is not up too a year we stil fought eachotther so I need too endure wit him cos of my baby, so never leave your husband.

  5. Ma’am, I think your husband is showing some traits of insecurity or reacting to somethings that you might be aware of but not acknowledging. I thing you should begin to carry out those his testimonies about how good you are to his family.be a virtous and understanding woman and see his response. Every woman has the power to make thier marriage work.

  6. Sis we are in same bus oo.he do say gud about me 2 ppl but at home is different,we should keep praying 4 them he will cum around


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