Home General Videos My Grandparents Kept Malice For 10 Years – Seun Kuti
My Grandparents Kept Malice For 10 Years – Seun Kuti

My Grandparents Kept Malice For 10 Years – Seun Kuti



“My father told me that when his father died, his mother told him she and her husband had not been speaking for 10 years, even though they lived in the same house… staying together because of the children. My grandfather was a reverend, so divorce was not an option. Not like Chris Oyakhilome, or Chris Okotie that divorced, they swore an oath to God, and still broke the oath.”

He also gave his view and thoughts on the banning of Marijuana, read below:

“There are doctors and scientists who believe that marijuana should be legalized. There are also lawyers, judges, and politicians who believe that the war on drugs is a false war. That is actually a war on the poor people all over the world, because poor people and rich people use drugs to be sane. But you will find that here, people are in jail more for drug use.”

Going further, he said, “We as Africans had no reason to ban marijuana. It was done out of the U.S. lobby, forcing our governments to ban the drug. I don’t think that the Nigerian government has ever carried out any independent research on marijuana.

One of the biggest markets in the world for marijuana in the world is Israel (which is a more religious country than Nigeria. But they understand the benefits… especially the economic benefits. So much wealth can be generated from it, but that is another issue entirely.




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