Home Entertainment Gists “Men Are Wicked”, Snoop & Monitor Your Husband – Toke Makinwa Advises Women
“Men Are Wicked”, Snoop & Monitor Your Husband – Toke Makinwa Advises Women

“Men Are Wicked”, Snoop & Monitor Your Husband – Toke Makinwa Advises Women


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Toke Makinwa, has described herself as “a proud snooper.” She advised other women to also join the “team Snoop Dog” and snoop around their husbands.

Toke admitted that snooping was bad but that women were left with no option but to use it to monitor their husbands

She urged women who said snooping was wrong to reconsider their position. “You should snoop. People have found out that their houses are on fire; people have found out that they are married to other women’s husbands. I am a proud snooper and this is my advice for you,”men are wicked.”

“I am a proud snooper; this is me. When you snoop your boyfriend or your husband, it is like you are stealing from the pot. But what else should we do?” she asked.

To victims of extra-marital affairs, she advised, they should be courageous to dump men who would not love and be faithful to them.

Toke Makinwa gave women a lecture on techniques that they can use to monitor their partners. She noted that men also monitored their women, saying:

“It is better women find out in the hard way.

“If you do not check, you will not know. It gives you opportunity to know, the kind of relationship you are into. Checking has saved lives, and I would rather have my life saved.”

She said the reason God gave women brain was so that they could think their way out of trouble.

“Some men are gold-diggers. If the lady you are with is not good for you, leave her and look for another one. The earlier women know the better for them,” she noted.



I Am Ayex The only reason I haven't posted it is cos it aint TRENDING. I love posting what matters and the reason it isn't trending is b'cos its not important :-)


  1. I pray God Almighty continue to help we ladies of nowadays, even wen snooping as Toke said sum guys r dangerous nd gud in pretending, Dere is no how d lady will snoop n see anytin, my prayer is dt #Ki olorun yan funwa, ki ama shi oko fe, wen u get married to ur wife or husband, lyf will be sweet nd u will both be happy….

  2. Toke pick up UR intergrity. U have lost it. Please stop talking about your family on line. go and mend UR home, u are breaking in pieces. Which one is snooping. Look at the lack of confidence advice u are giving women. U r just so confused,

  3. Toke I hAve lots of respect for you
    Go to your family
    Your husband has apologice
    Why not take him back
    And make corrections
    Life goes on
    Why you bringing snooping?
    Women are they faithful these days???
    I know many married women who are not faithful
    Even my babe ain’t faithfull
    So what’s up


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