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Katy Perry’s Convent Saga May Go On For Years

Katy Perry’s Convent Saga May Go On For Years


News have it that, a group of elderly nuns faced a set back in their fight to prevent Katy Perry from buying their former convent, but they are not relenting in their efforts.

The episode has prompted the nuns to turn askew against the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, who wants to sell the estate to the pop star. Moreover, based on court backings, the nuns object to the sales for ‘obvious reasons’, but on Monday, a Judge denied their request to block the Archdiocese from controlling the property.

This eight-acre in question was home to the Sisters of the Most Holy and Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary for decades. Now superstar Perry wants to move in and make it hers, to the tune of $14.5m. But the singer is not in good terms with the nuns.





Sis Callanan lays claim saying: ‘This, to me, it’s a conscience matter. I do not want to sell the Mother house and the Retreat house to Katy’. As she wouldn’t want to see parties thrown in the house. Also, she says the house has been sold to Dana Hollister.

Archdiocese claims, it’s protecting the sisters from a bad deal and was ‘forced to intervene legally from unauthorized transaction by Dana Hollister’ who ‘took possession of the… property for only $44,000 in cash and without prompt payment until three years’.


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