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I Never Promote Nudity In Personal Videos – Banky W

I Never Promote Nudity In Personal Videos – Banky W


Banky W is not cool with the fact that  people say he promotes nudity with his videos and come to think of it, Does he actually?  guess not true, though not quite sure. Banky slams critics..


He said: “Throughout my career, I have never shot a dirty video or promoted nudity in my videos except for the few ones I featured on.  And I don’t believe that we should force every artiste to sing a certain type of song or video let art be art and let them do whatever they like.

“It is hypocritical of us to sit here and say all artistes are shooting a particular kind of video. That is simply not true. Everyone has a role to play in the kind of video that goes on tv. For example, late last year, two of my favourite videos that I have ever done, Mercy and Unborn Child, they are very strong songs and have positive messages in them. And of all the videos I have done in my life those two videos have the  least views and airplay.

“But when I sang ‘Lagos Party’, ‘Yes/ No’, ‘Strong Thing’ they were huge in the media. I guarantee you that every artiste has a positive song on their albums but if you are not going to let an artiste business survive, they will have to do what you like. So let’s stop being hypocritical that because we are doing a fantastic movement like this everything should be on hold encourage us too by requesting the positive songs too.”



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