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D’banj Has A Message For Those Mocking His ‘Koko Garri’ Business

D’banj Has A Message For Those Mocking His ‘Koko Garri’ Business



Kokomaster D’banj has got some words for haters of his ‘Koko Garri brand’.

In a message he posted on instagram moments ago, he slammed Nigerians for placing much attention on imported products yet failing to support their own.
Read the message below

Guys, KokoGarri is available on Konga & in Ebeano Stores

Who owns Ciroc vodka? Who owns Beats headphones? Who own RocknRepublic? The list goes on. What we do in Nigeria is to laugh at people’s hustle. And when it starts paying, creating jobs and moving the person to the next level, we are quick to ask why is the person living so large? Does he know how many people are hustling and going to bed hungry? But we don’t consider the person’s hustle in the beginning worthy of support.

I am a strong Supporter of Nigerian Brands. How many politicians bought this Koko Garri to give their supporters? But they gave imported rice abi? When Otunba Ghadaffi started his mobile toilets, people called him “Agbe po!!!” It wasn’t for long, others joined DMT to do what he was laughed at. I know that a few think what’s DBanj thinking to invest in Garri. Newsflash!!!! I bet you all that is a $30b market. KOKOGARRI to be promoted & distributed in hotels and restaurants. Wherever beans and moi-moi is served, there should be packs of Koko Garri as options to pap, dodo and yam. Trust me, you will see how it will grow. I think there should be a Garri soaking competition sef. The hamburger competitions we see on television don’t even have as much entertainment value…
Round 1, Koko Garri and groundnuts,
Round 2, Koko Garri and coconut,
Round 3 Koko and Kilishi… Powered by Eva Water and Dangote sugar… Winner gets a Koko Garri distribution vehicle and a start up store





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