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Bryan Okwara In Search Of A Wife

Bryan Okwara In Search Of A Wife


Nollywood actor and super model, Bryan Okwara recently revealed that he’s in search of a wife.

Asked in a recent interview why he was still single, Bryan had this to say:

“Mehn you guys just keep to your social media, you’ll know when the bells will start ringing because this boy right here is going to the top and there is a saying that once a man has found a wife, he has found a good thing.”

“So hopefully I pray that someday i find a good thing to go with.”

Well, the ladies should be alert because she who finds a husband has found a good reason to sell aso-ebi. Bryan you too, look well!





  1. A graduate,studied medicine and surgery though currently practicing in Abuja.well am not here to say I want to be part of him but I got an advice for him,u being single now there is a reason.please don’t rush into this,take ur time so u get something best ,ur story being a celebrity will have a new bran,any were u find love whether from a low class or high class girl please love is the best…..cheers

  2. Bryan,I only want to advice
    Though u are a celebrity u should be wit a difference.be patient and find ur missing rip,u must not always look for a gal from a high class view or low anywhere u find love please love.am a graduate from Coventry in UK.studied medicine and surgery currently practicing in Abuja.am 23 years old….be kful


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