Home Adult Talks Advice Me: My Father in Law’s Culture Demands I Sleep With Him Before Marriage
Advice Me: My Father in Law’s Culture Demands I Sleep With Him Before Marriage

Advice Me: My Father in Law’s Culture Demands I Sleep With Him Before Marriage




Please my friend needs your help urgently.
She is supposed to be introducing her boyfriend to her parents. But the problem is that her boyfriend’s culture dictates that his father first “tastes” her to know exactly where his cows are going and if she is valuable and worthy of his son.

Her boyfriend is perfectly okay with it because its his culture and he wants to marry her but she has a big problem with it, she can’t run out because she is in love with this man dearly and sincerely.




I Am Ayex The only reason I haven't posted it is cos it aint TRENDING. I love posting what matters and the reason it isn't trending is b'cos its not important :-)


  1. My Sister any foundation that is not built on Jesus Christ shall crumble. so don’t build in on your father in-law.

    If you and you boyfriend are Christians or true Muslims, you will not be trying this type of barbarism, this is 21st century please wake up from your sleep.

    If sleeping with your father inlaw is their culture then they should not be wearing shoes and living in block house or drinking beer and tea.

    Don’t let be deceived, if you marry him and he dies you will be subjected to harsh treatments like sleeping with dead and drinking water used in bathing a dead body etc, remember that marrying is not the issue, the real thing is will you be protected in the demise of your husband please “don’t enter a house because it has a Zinc roof”

  2. If your boyfriend’s people had such tradition then you can imagine some other traditions they have that you don’t know so be careful.

  3. My dear sister,there is culture, there is traditon and there is evil. This is pure evil and should not even be discussed. End of discussion!

  4. fuck culture, what the fuck is this in this 21st century…… let the guy,his family fuck off……… that shit ain’t love, it’s abomination…..crap. stuffs like that are pervert moves,,….. damn. sis I’m a lady and here is a piece of advice. …. DO NOT DO IT. A word is said to be enough for the wise

  5. This is total nonsense… .. Whr on earth is that happening?. .. .. Be wise babe.. …. I don’t think there’s such culture anywhere….. maybe it a plan of using yu for something else entirely.. .. …

  6. Incredible! Culture my foot. Pls wots the name of the guy’s state and town cos I don’t think we still have such tradition anywhere.

  7. If u have anoda man as a standby…. Babe vamus to him…. Area!!! abi no bi so (fuck ur boyfrend, fuck his pops and fuck za culture). Be wise even dou we knw it is hard to get married nawadays fuck it … Remain sigle instead of going to hell (iam still single ma mom will welcome u)

  8. The Bible says: ” we are no longer under the law” The Lord has set a standard for us, build your relationship on God the solid rock, He alone is the HOME BUILDER! Everything you need for your home to be godly is in the scriptures! Eschew evil culture and embrace the Culture of God. God bless your union in Jesus Name.


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