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Advice Me: I Have A Child With A Woman I Don’t Love, And She Wont Leave Me

Advice Me: I Have A Child With A Woman I Don’t Love, And She Wont Leave Me



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Hello NGTrends readers, please, I need your advice in this my situation! This lady happens to be my course mate in the university! She got married to a 50 -years ‎old man at the age of 18! According to her she was ill advised because the man is a medical doctor and has money.

When she eventually got married to the man,she had discovered that it is another thing entirely. she refused to get pregnant because she never loved the man and the man had been maltreating her. She said her husband is an occultist and the man wanted to use her for ritual! She came to me and I started giving her a piece of advice and recommended MFM church for her to attend so that she can pray. Not quite long things became worse between both families.

She kept coming to my place though am not independent! I live with my uncle. She has found me more reliable and always wanted to be with me! She had fallen in love with me but I had never for once because I was a virgin and she is a bit older than me. She left her husband and got her own rented apartment! She felt into the hands of 419ers of ‘wash money ‘.

She borrowed money from me and I went extra mile to borrow from my uncle and my neighbour which I’m still indebted to. I eventually slept with her and she got pregnant. In fact it is now that I have realized the implications. I have many choice ladies who are interested in me for marriage! She got to know and she has been harassing them. I made clear to her that I don’t want to marry her but she refused and said she would kill herself and all sorts of threats! Our baby boy is 2 years old and am still in school. I have hidden this from my family because I don’t want them to know

I don’t have mother who can be of help. I have been spending all my money on the child’s. She once deceived me not to worry that she will take care of the baby alone but deep down me I know it is not going to work. Although she has been trying her level best to support me but I don’t just love her. She said she not marry any other person except me.

What exactly can I do?


I Am Ayex The only reason I haven't posted it is cos it aint TRENDING. I love posting what matters and the reason it isn't trending is b'cos its not important :-)


  1. Then call your family and explain to them maybe things will work out cos you can’t do this alone ! You nid God help and your families too

  2. Na gobe oooh you no use ur head well,but well in life any body can make mistake ,just make it clear to dat lady dat u can’t marry her, and find a way to make money ,bcos with money, u can handle such problem like is noting. And also pray to God for help starting from confessing ur sins, and give ur life to christ. And also try to inform ur family if de can be of help. Gud lck.

  3. If the decision to have a child is a close call, don’t do it. No matter how much you estimate what the sacrifices and demands will be, you’re not even close.

  4. You knew she was older before you dipped your dick into her, but this is your story, we haven’t heard from her yet. Anyways you are an adulterer and desperately needs help. She in turn left her husband, making him free to re-marry. How are u sure she won’t be to you the way she was to her husband after u tie the nut? Dude, the case is clear, realize your mistakes and tell her off than daring regrets of a lifetime. She is not mearnt to be with a man if not, she would have sorted things out in Gods way if she actually knows God. Her hussy is no cultist, the result of your unholy union is a reflection of your action. Ask God for mercy and forge ahead with Life and find rest for your soul. As for that estranged woman, pls run. You had a child for her doesn’t mean you will marry her. Her family is aware of everything why not tell yours? Then are persuading her to hook you up pls dont allow them. Open up to your family and do away with that adulterous woman who just fulfilled the craving of her heart since her marriage. Stay focused and be born again. I Love you brother!

  5. To start with,u don’t conscience, be living in her cooked stories. What u sow u must reap.hell await u

  6. To start with,u don’t have conscience. U stooped so low to believed in her cooked stories. U must reap wat u sowed

  7. Don’t smell what u wont eat. U are stucked carry ur cross and start a family with her. U alrdy have a son so move on. This is an eye opener for all, when u see d opposite sex coming too close, if u re sure u don’t want anything from her, pls stay off and clear don’t try to taste cus u just might get stucked. Lol


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