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Add 7 Years To Your Life By Doing This Daily

Add 7 Years To Your Life By Doing This Daily



A brisk 25-minute walk each day can add seven YEARS to your life.

Sanjay Sharma, a professor of inherited cardiac diseases in sports cardiology, said moderate exercise reduces the risk of dying from a heart attack in your 50s and 60s by half.He said:

 “We may never avoid becoming completely old, but we may delay the time we become old.

“We may look younger when we’re 70 and may live into our 90s.Exercise buys you three to seven additional years of life.
It is an anti-depressant, it improves cognitive function and there is now evidence that it may retard the onset of dementia.”
If you know that something is 20 minutes away, try and walk it if you’ve got time and not take the bus.
“People with a heart condition shouldn’t run but walk to a point where they can still speak – but they shouldn’t be able to sing.Following these simple directions is essential considering our sedentary lifestyles.”

He said exercise will bring benefits whatever age or condition.

UK Mirror



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