Home Entertainment 50 Cent Puts Up His Connecticut Estate For Sale
50 Cent Puts Up His Connecticut Estate For Sale

50 Cent Puts Up His Connecticut Estate For Sale


Rapper 50 Cent is finally ready to let go of his famous 50,000-square-foot palace in Farmington, Connecticut after Hartford Courant reported on Wednesday, August, the mansion is on the market.

The rapper who declared himself bankrupt had earlier put up the property he acquired from former boxing champion, Mike Tyson back in 2003, for rent although he has been struggling to sell it out since 2007.

50, whose real name is Curtis Jackson hopes to use money from the sale to escape bankruptcy, as he has already filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection last month after a court injunction that he pays Rick Ross’ baby mama $7m for leaked sex tape.

The mansion boasts a jaw-dropping 21 bedrooms, 24 bathrooms, a dance club inside, a helipad on top, a huge gym, massive pool, and basketball courts both inside and out — and costs him $72,000 per month to maintain.

According to the Courant, Jackson was trying to lease the property to raise money. The original 2007 listing priced the house at $18.5 million, but it has dropped steadily over the next five years.

TMZ claims the famous mansion is financially cursed because its previous owner Mike Tyson went bankrupt while living there, and a Lithuanian businessman also went belly up when he called it home.

But then, for a man who has $10 million in cash and $500,000 in cars, as well as multiple endorsement deals and ongoing business ventures, it’s hard to believe 50 is really broke.




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