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Woman Spends Over N10 Million On Her Dogs Wedding | Photo

Woman Spends Over N10 Million On Her Dogs Wedding | Photo



One dog enthusiast is so devoted to her pets that she has spent £60,000 pampering them and even throwing a huge wedding ceremony for two of them.

Emmie Stevens, 27, from Croydon, South London, is obsessed with dressing up her pets and even calls them her children. Over the past seven years she has spent thousands of pounds on a walk in wardrobe, buggies; dog shows, grooming parlours, beauty products, diamante collars and food and vet bills for her twelve dogs.

But last week she took her hobby a step further by getting two of her canines to tie the knot, which included outfits for the whole pack, a reception and even a first dance.

Emmie, a self-employed dog groomer said: ‘I love dressing up my dogs and pampering them, that’s why I decided to perform a doggy wedding. Two of my dogs, Staffordshire bull terrier Bailey, and shih-tzu Coco, fell in love at first sight and have been inseparable since. I performed the ceremony for them, they said their doggy vows and we used a ring for Coco it was a fantastic day.

They were dressed in the full attire, accompanied by their best men and bridesmaids.
‘Afterwards they went to their reception where they were greeted by 30 poochy pals and enjoyed their buffet banquet, wedding cake and first dance,’ she said
Emmie, according to Daily Mail, UK, says she thinks nothing of the extravagance because her dogs are the most important thing in her life.
“I know people think I’m mad but my dogs are like my children, I call them my fur babies and I would do anything for them.”




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