Home Entertainment Tom Cruise And Jimmy Fallon Have Squared In An Epic ‘Lip Sync Battle’
Tom Cruise And Jimmy Fallon Have Squared  In An Epic ‘Lip Sync Battle’

Tom Cruise And Jimmy Fallon Have Squared In An Epic ‘Lip Sync Battle’


Who knew Tom Cruise53, was such a fan of The Weekend? The Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation star stopped by The Tonight Show on July 27, and host Jimmy Fallon challenged him to a game of “Lip Sync Battle” (which Jimmy has also made into its own hit TV show). Naturally, Tom took on the summer anthem, “I Can’t Feel My Face,” and, like the song itself, it was pretty freaking sexy! Check it out!
“I can’t feel my face when I’m with you,” Tom mouths, rubbing his hands over his face, through that luscious coif of his. When Tom strikes his final pose, it’s clear that Jimmy knows he’s in trouble. In fact (like us), he kinda can’t believe Tom tackled that song– and murdered it real good.

tom and jimmy

Of course, Jimmy isn’t going to just sit back and accept defeat. He has to at least try. Try he does, selecting The Rolling Stones‘ “Under the Cover of the Night.” It’s a totally smart move for Jimmy, considering he used to play the Stones’ lead singer, Mick Jagger, back in his heyday on Saturday Night Live.

Turns out, Jimmy remembers how to channel his Jagger moves! Still rocking that massive finger bandage, he manically moves his way around the stage, giving some serious face to the camera.

Jimmy’s efforts are valiant, however, they are absolutely no match for Tom. After faking Jimmy out with the first few notes of “Old Time Rock and Roll,” (the song which he danced to in one of his most iconic films, Risky Business), both agreed that it wouldn’t even be a fair game anymore if Tom actually selected that song. Instead, he goes with a Meatloaf classic, “Paradise By the Dashboard Light,” dedicated to “all these Jersey girls in these hot summer nights.”

Who do you think won this Lip Sync Battle, Jimmy or Tom?



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