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OPEN LETTER: Do Nigerian Artistes Deserve The Grammys? | Let’s Be Blunt

OPEN LETTER: Do Nigerian Artistes Deserve The Grammys? | Let’s Be Blunt



I wrote this listening to J.Cole and wondered when our music industry will get to the promise land,if we ever reach this pinnacle of finesse when it comes delivery of message in our songs,I hope I would be a living witness. We all blame the Grammy Awards committee for not recognising our efforts but have you ever taken time to listen to our mainstream music. All we ever dance to is the beat and a meaningless chorus,nothing more. If you were an American elite, would you give your highly coveted award to an artiste/song like that? Nigerians are tired of seeing semi-nude ladies, champagne bottles,boat-cruise,fast cars and artistes living the fake lifestyles on Tv/internet.

The human brain is built in such a way that we believe what we see regularly and as an adult, we can filter useful information but what about the little kids who are always glued to the television,who is showing them that there is more to life than naked girls and the flashy lifestyle?.

We live in an evolved world that needs change and its easier to pass that message through a medium people use everyday – MUSIC. Why can’t we have inspiring songs that will make you put more effort in whatever endeavour you are into and not something that will make you steal just to impress the opposite sex. Why can’t we have video scenes of characters going to the university to acquire degrees or actually preaching love to society. When are we going to have our artistes come out publicly to give scholarships to students with good grades as a motivation for other students.

Developed countries like the US have started harnessing this platform for tackling real life issues with artistes like Common,Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole,Wale,Nas etc taking the front row. I read an article just last week of artistes likely to win a Grammy award and I asked myself “DO WE EVEN APPRECIATE THESE ARTISTES ?” Have you ever see a developed country music concert with chairs but Nigerians are so funny that our concerts come with not only chairs but high tables and bed.

I don’t hate Nigerian songs,don’t get me wrong,Its only logical that we start treating music as a profession not just entering the booth to make noise and fuelling Nigeria and its populace with vulgar and demeaning utterances. Imagine how i feel when I hear my 14 year younger brother singing ” E mi badoo eh Baba milli miliano, ki ma ladi, ki ma jedi, iranu abacha” its so disturbing. By the way, I am not saying we shouldn’t have party tracks but artiste should take their time to write songs that actually convey a message that will be meaningful to the younger listeners.

-Joseph Abalokwu (www.SEPTIN911.com)





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