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OAP Toolz Flaunts Her Fitness Progress

OAP Toolz Flaunts Her Fitness Progress


And following recent posts, you will know that Toolz is definitely working on getting her game back on by getting back that fit and not just curvaceous but sexy cute self back and she’s definitely on the right path, as there is no better means than the work-out sessions…



Today, Toolz shares her major fitness motivation schemes.

The popular OAP shared a photo on her IG page last night she called ‘Stage 3 of 12’ with the caption:

“(Almost didnt include the last pic )Thank you for the messages of encouragement! I figured I may have a ‘slowly but surely’ journey…but every half-inch, half pound is a mini-achievement for me.
I’m not there yet, but I’m working hard to get there and I’m really starting to enjoy it. Thank you so much @uzikwendu for the motivation…I still sometimes think you were sent by satan to break my spirit, but then you give me something crazy to do, and convince me that I can do it….and I do, and feel like a super-hero for an hour lol. (Btw Uzi, I’m never gonna be the healthiest eater, life is too short for lentils and broiled chicken and no cocktails) I’m not an expert, but if you’re trying to get your fitness on, don’t give up! You really can do it #WeCanDoIt  #TheJourneyContinues #UziBurnout #DontAskWhyMyHipsArentBudgingAskGod.

Well, all he best…..



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