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Nigerian Transgender Calls God Foolish & Useless Skydaddy

Nigerian Transgender Calls God Foolish & Useless Skydaddy



Stephanie Rose was born as a male with the name Dapo Adaralegbe. He (now She) was studying  Law in Obafemi Awolowo University before he was expelled in 2001 over identity crisis.

He traveled to  abroad where he got his sex changed to that of a female, trailing the path of popular Nigerian transgender, Ms Sahara. Stephanie Rose however does not let any chance flip away without making it known that there is nothing like God or Jesus and if there is, it is vague and does not matter.

She has also written book titled ‘ Nobody Goes To Heaven Because Nobody Goes To Hell Fire’. Read some of her Facebook posts where she referred to God as an idiot, a wicked God and more…

“I HATE GOD, FUCK HIM ….Such wicked and useless God can go fuck himself and eat shit.


That is not a good God but a very foolish and useless skydaddy! A God that destroys people’s lives and destroys their bright hopes in life is a very wicked Maggot!

A God that instigates violence, instigates humiliation, instigates rejection, instigates bloodshed and instigates the killing of people is a pervert and a very devilish idiot!

Stephanie Rose who used to be known as Dapo Adaralegbe is a Nigerian transgender who resides in Netherlands. Stephanie Rose was a popular homosexual law student back in the day in Obafemi Awolowo University but was expelled in 2001 because of his identity crisis. He moved to Netherland where he is now living as a woman. She shared these photos of herself on her Facebook page. More when you continue on page 2…

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People do not understand the kind of God they claim they love. Jesus Christ is NOT a valid representation of this wicked occultist God. That is why prayers remain unanswered, that is why people die prematurely because such useless God is too wicked to care about lives, rather such hopeless God is concerned about the destruction of lives as he did to Sodom. I see God worshippers as shit worshippers!

For the Children of Sodom and Gomorrah would have done much better and prospered more exceedingly if the ” foolish God ” had given them the same fair opportunity in life.

A daft and senseless God that prevented their progress in life and instigated their destruction is the epitome of all evil and wickedness. Jesus Christ is not a valid example of such occultist God of this World. All religions are true! No body goes to Heaven because no body goes to Hell fire.

He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, killed the progress of Sodom and killed the bright prospects of Gomorrah … instigating violence, instigating rejection, instigating humiliation, instigating hostilities, instigating bloodshed and the killing of gays and transgender people even till today!

All hate crimes and violence suffered by gay, lesbian and transgender people are instigated by this fucked up moron God even till today.

JESUS CHRIST IS NOT A VALID REPRESENTATION OF THIS RUBBISH GOD. Jesus Christ remains an untrue story and myth.


Jesus Christ is not a reflection of such hopeless wicked Abrahamic God of all religions! ALL RELIGIONS ARE TRUE, Jesus Christ is an untrue story and not a valid representation of the indifferent and wicked God of this World.

Where is the true reflection of Jesus Christ in a World marked with people dying prematurely, all avoidable World tragedies, all preventable natural disasters, all inconsistencies of nature ( done by nature ), etc … it is all deception, Jesus Christ does not exist in reality and can not be found in such hopeless and foolish occultist God of this World.

NO BODY GOES TO HEAVEN BECAUSE NO BODY GOES TO HELL FIRE …. All religions are true and remain valid, no religion will negate the other till the end of time. We are animals, we exist like animals and one day we will all die like animals. God is beginning of all foolishness and evil!”

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  1. You are a very useless and stupid person for that statement. How can you insult my father?. You are really nonsense and useless.. This is your end o. You don’t deserve to live

  2. Wait who do u thunk uou re .. do u think u breathing ad living is ur own worj.. u think after insultin da lord my God.do u think ur life ll normal…i doubt dat fot da first anomality u wer a homsexual ad nw u u changed ur gental

  3. I wont call u useless because GOD is going to use you to prove his existence…..bt seriously u knw ur nt actually normal….for heaven sakes u changed ur gental…ur rili nt seriousz . If u dont believe in God kip ur opinons to ur self ad dnt destroy da world because of ur foolishness

  4. U speak detestable tins miss, u shud however go baq nd read ur bible very well so as not 2 continue in dis path of distruction. But 2b frank wit u JEHOVAH is a God of LOVE, e wuz love superceeds dat of anybeing. However pls go get the full meaning of wat is in d book of 1john 5: 19-21. JEHOVAH lOVES u still.

  5. Can’t believe pple’re replying dis thing, does she/he as confused as he/she is look lyk human 2 u, u reply 2 a sane person nt a lunatic n an animal as he/she claims 2 be.

  6. …… and God will still let u breath his priceless air 2moro, hmmmmm..wat a merciful God He is!!!

  7. Sometimes I wonder if people like u ain’t d beast d bible has been telling us abt, u are a disgrace 2 mankind not only are u a devil incarnates but a devil on human skin…
    God created human beings in his own image y don’t u change 2 d beast u really are leave his image 4 we his children 2 cherish and celebrate over.
    If only God was man he would hv taken ur godforsaken breath away but he’s not and would never b, he will continue 2 rain as God whether beast like u like it or not…U disgust mankind.
    Really wish I can see u in person and tell u wat I really think abt u foolish, hopeless, dejected, sarcastic, scalawag, Numbskull, bumkum, wicked and disgraceful witch or beast leaving in a human flesh…


  8. ya!that's scary,she can recognize that God is there but willingly decide to…….I don't knw how I can describe her insults.thats not normal ill understand if am told that she has some problem with her/ his brain in short she is mad.i feel sorry for her/him

  9. What’s her facebook name cus I’ve searched and can’t find him/her on FB so I can blast the beast directly and will keep on blasting until d cunt kick d bucket….pls if anyone got diz help post d direct link. Tnx

  10. What’s his/her facebook name cus I’ve searched and can’t find him/her on FB so I can blast the beast directly and will keep on blasting until d cunt kick d bucket….pls if anyone got diz help post d direct link. Tnx

  11. your name is suppose to be included in the guinness book of records because you are the most foolish creature that is still alive although needs to be extinct

  12. May God Jehovah transform and get into his senses and make him to his original being so we that we can stop sining against God thro our harshy words. Dear God plz releaze your healing upon him

  13. She is not a human being, in fact she is getting mad Bcos madness began as a joke .

  14. She is a fool a fool will alwsyz remains a fool cause she dnt even knw wat she saying lord hv mercy upon ha!!!!!!!!!!

  15. May God forgive yu…n wth all the hte yu claim to hve for Him,gess wat?.He still loves yu…anyway you luk disgustin in that male-girlish luk of urs!!!

  16. u deserve something worse than death it’self, cuz death is 2 honorable for your likes,in this case u not entitled 2 any opinion.i pray GOD won’t forgive you & I don’t pity u 1 bit


  18. What do you expect from her. A confused person that have lost her sanity by her reasoning.
    Only a fool that can say there's no God.
    After all Saul in the bible became Paul .
    I pray for her situation that one day she will have an encounter with God.

  19. Dapo/Stephanie you should learn a lesson from your own statement, if God were a wicked God like you said he is by now he would have killed you already for insulting him, but because he is love he still wants you to repent and be saved through Jesus Christ his son. The devil is the wicked and evil one and human beings suffer and are destroyed when we allow him into our lives through Sin but we receive God’s real life through Jesus Christ his son.

  20. Dapo/Rose, it seems u are confused as a result of so much evil and suffering of human being on earth then you tend to ask the question- where is God? But the Quran says evil and suffering pervades the earth as a result of atroscites that man commit. So examine yourself and the environment around you to notice atroscities emanating so the evil and suffering.

  21. I think u are a confused human being For u to have changed ur gender, (2)am so sad 4 you bcos God himself is d reason of ur existence,all does pple dat says d same thing as u r sayin now,learn their lessons in a hard way,i hope it wont b to late 4 u you

  22. i wonder why God hasnt killed u yet…..foolish fool….u fnk u created yourself?or u own ur own life….dont change before u die n u will see what will happen to u after death

  23. Better stay in Holland o, We don't want your type here. Anyway, we are proud to worship d yeye, devilish and maggot God. Your final abode is deepest part of hell. You this disgusting, devilish and frustrated being. What a disgrace!

  24. @cleto you are very mad for saying that. your father and your mother are fools for giving birth to you. idiot. vagabone like you. thunder fire you and your tenth generations to come if there will be.

  25. madam ur hell fire punishment nr be hear..i jst pray God have mercy on u and dose you pepo suporting shemale

  26. wat we nid do for this transgender fellow is to pray for him/her; willy-nilly on her path… we r now insulting ourselves and dats not ordinary… it springs from d spirit following d transgender fellow!!! may d Holy Spirit arrest and bring her to gross repentance in Jesus name.. amen.

  27. First of all which god is he she referring to he she might be referring to sango Ogun or one obscene god in his her village definitely not the almighty God creator of heaven & earth

  28. That’s why I said that Yoruba and Hausa people are very stupid and crazy tell me any reasonable person that can do this.. my problem is that GOD Almighty in his infinity mercy will still forgive him if he/she come to his/her senses

  29. I think he/she is a mental case, & surely punishment awaits her, u can't abuse our God & go free so better run & repent as fast as u can this disgusting maggot. Our Lord is not a dead God, he is Alive & will visit u soon. ..

  30. he is a merciful God…he has forgiven him already, earnestly waiting for him to turn unto Him for salvation because he is in bondage of Satan.

  31. We're in the freedom of speech so any body can say whatever he/she want but as long as our God almighty is alive he will put devil in a cage were it will never breath, as well?

  32. What i dont understand is why she has to abuse GOD,i mean,why is she really doing it and for what purpose?maybe she is just angry she was born a transgender but even that does not make sense,i should expect a beautiful boy/girl like her to thank GOD for seeing her through such traumatic times and giving her life after her deformity,this is taking freedom of speech too far,moreover what would she benefit from calling GOD names?or are there part of the people that were thrown down from heaven after that epic battle?I just wonder.

  33. Ours is nt to condemn cuz Jesus christ evn stated that He came dat we may have life, our duty as christians has bn stated clearly n dat is to worship God, and in worship is obedience. Wen we talk of obedience, we talkn abt da great commision which is to preach salvation to the lost. Hate the sin, love the sinner cuz evn when we were yet sinners, God still luvd us.

  34. God is. Patient God so patient that he allows us to make our own free will decision but makes sure he reminds us of the implications. May God forgive us even after Jesus died for our sins.

  35. I t is only in Yoruba sect that all this nonsense can come from ,when you come to church administration they will come first as long they can cajole and brainwash igbos to join them.

  36. God have mercy on this wicked world, Noah they sinned bt didn’t call u foolish, yet u punished them. I wonder the strength of hell fire for today’s sinners. Mind you, wat ever you do to yo body you are still a man not woman.

  37. God loves dapo, the devil is lying to you. God is not responsible for the bad things that hapen, we are, because of our sins. We always have a choice but often we make wrong ones, if we all love each other like He instructed us, no nothing bad could hapen.

  38. God loves you dapo, the devil is lying to you. God is not responsible for the bad things that hapen, we are, because of our sins. We always have a choice but often we make wrong ones, if we all love each other like He instructed us, no nothing bad could hapen.

  39. God though we sin bit this is just too much and she has gone way too far but Our Father Lord have mercy on her for she doesn’t know what she’s doing neither does she know what she’s saying… Lord have mercy

  40. Only fools will celebrate u,,,lets see what will happen in the proximate future…u will still seek help from that same God.

  41. As far as i am concern this fellow is ignorant and may God forgive her/he. the Bible says in time of ignorant God overlook. But i will like to say that, that fellow has lost his/her sense is not thinking coerectly he or she is confuse I pray that God Will open her/his eyes of understanding. God have mercy on you. In Jesus name. amen.

  42. How can you hate what doesnt exist to you? Are you insane?… You think you hate God,You know why?cos indeed He exists.

  43. May our Lord Jesus forgive her.. So this words she have said never be used against her in the last judgment day.. And my prayers for her is 4 she to knw God.

  44. dat is madness nd torment of d devil. If he say dere is no GOD nd he later call HIM GOD of sky, GOD of dis nd dat, he is contradicting himself, by saying GOD!

  45. If he/she try to do this to he/her self to gain world recognition…its shows she/he is an element of hellfire…i pray may God mercy and deliver you… In Jesus nam….amen

  46. A poor pitible wretch.He is frustrated and regretting his decision.Just venting our his anger Abi na she self.

  47. Rev 20v11: And i saw a great white throne,and him that sat on it,from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away,and there was found no place for them……. Where wil u spend yo eternity?? God hv mercy on u

  48. My dear Dapo,i know you are in search of true love,the only one who can give you this and everlasting peace is God almighty.
    How i wish you can retrace your steps and go back to Him.
    He is the only one that has solution to you situation.
    Because wether you are male or female you do not sound happy or fulfilled.
    Pls dear go back to God it is never too late for Him.
    I wish you the best of God direction.

  49. Just because she/he is mixed up doesn’t mean God is, Stephenie or whoever you are repent or live like astray dog….

  50. Your comment..You are very lucky we are not in those days whereby when do what you did the land or fire will consume you.May the Lord forgive you for you did not know what you were doing.

  51. Surely, she must be suffering from a popular disorder. Truly, she says non sensible words out of her mouth. Even, If really God isn’t existing, she should be taming her beliefs herself and not behaving being a philoshopher at us. What does she mean? She’s on her owns though. So, she can say all these without even her knowing what it means to saying it. It’s a disorder. Surely 😀

  52. 2 peter 3:15 gives us hope..the lord is patient…but one thing the whole of creation must know is that GOD IS NOT MOCKED…a history of people who mocked God always ends up with a similar fate..miserable death,and after that u encounter the eternal fires of hell.repent before time is up..before its too late.

  53. This shudnt av been posted.I v never heard or seen My Heavenly God being insulted in my life.This is serious indeed.Stephanie how did u come to this world?U were man and u decided to transgenderise urself to woman and because of that u are insulting My GOD.U will regret this infact u av raised unpardonable curse/anathema on ur generation to come.God forgive us!

  54. she’s correct, not the transgender part but the god part, fuck god or jehovah or whatever the fuck its stupid name is…fuck him…hes a dumb non-existence sky daddy.

  55. The fact is that there is so much confusion in her life. been a man and now a woman is much,much confusion. and it d worst that will happen to any body.. Now let look at it. she did not curse her father and mother who gave birth to her and she can even see them face to face. but she when to curse God him self. who she did not see and HV never seen in all her life. she believe God made her that way. and she did not believe God used men and women to correct her sex. may been becos she did not see God come down. that doctor that corrected her sex. who created that doctor?? so u can are that she is confused. so she is nothing but a bingo.

  56. god is great for his silence,bt any man that clime u to fuck u is a dog cause it means man on man no matter whatever costume u put on that u call transgender, u are a man nd know for sure u will appear before that god in a mans costume for maggot will eat stupid body u put on….

  57. It is the mercy of that same lord that is keeping. I know what is wrong with. you think there is more to it that both bad and good comes from God. your heart is always trembling. you are always lost in the land of awful misery. the thoughts of why and when did I become like this is eating u down. your past keeps hunting u …
    you have only one succour
    those things you feel
    those sounds you hear
    Only God can clarify them for you
    come to Him the past, present and future
    the one in whose hands Is our souls
    the one whose mercy is keeping you after all insults.
    don’t let the day u meet him be the first day u realize how mighty he is

  58. She is the biggest fool n the loser. soon the wrath of God will visit u. Don’t worry cus it is coming.

  59. even the devil is afraid of THE LORD but uyou u are diferent you will have a special place in hell.
    may GOF forgive you.

  60. such a terrible being…..May Allah have mercy on yhu….wonders they say shall never end. #gBam

  61. God will punish u useless pig I jst wish u can die b4 d nxt morning… may thunder fire u there bustard. Omg u stink where did u come from. U will die and go 2 hell goat.


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