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My Wife Deserves An Award- Ramsey Noah

My Wife Deserves An Award- Ramsey Noah



Veteran actor, Ramsey Noah told Encomium that his wife deserves an award.

Ramsey who don’t like exposing his family to the media said “My wife is not an ordinary human. A whole lot of women can’t take what my wife tolerates.

That’s why I call her a double woman. In fact, she’s a triple woman. I give it to her, she deserves an award. A lot of women say’ Oh your wife is trying’, and I tell them, that’s why she’s better than me”

Ramsey is married to Emelia Philips Noah and they are blessed with three kids.




  1. That’s great ma model,many people doesn’t know to appreciate their spouses for the good things they do to them, but criticising them for a wrong doings only ,let learn to appreciate our spouses when they r still alive rather than when they have gone(died).NO!!!

  2. What a kind word for ones spouse.Who says there’s nothing in a Name-You are a real Noah Man! Please Take Emeka Ike in a week of Refresher Marital course. See if he can avoid the Suicide mission of Divorce facing him. God Bless You- THE REAL MAN is in you, Beloved Friend.

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  4. Just like Noah your wife, you are also the reason she is a strong woman, Something no one can see is in you that she noticed long ago and that makes the two of you. May God bless you Ramsey.

  5. Ramsey. ” Behind every successful man there is a strong woman” Thanks for sharing such a wonderful experience! I thank God for your wife she is a real blessing and an example to the world. Enjoy your family!

  6. It is one out of thousand men can appreciate their wives, i pray that God will continue to bless your family and let it be an example to some of your colleagues that divorce their wives OR husband. i so much appreciate your comments to your darling wife. May she continue to be a virtous woman to your family

  7. a right wife to a right man u are one of the best actor so that is why god have to bless u will such a woman that can lift ur draem up

  8. indeed u r a role model kudos ramsey n may God continue to bless yo family….ur coleagues need to follow he same route….

  9. I must say that your wife is a God sent Mr Noah, he gave you just what concerns you may get old together be a living example to other couples that are in acting industry. God bless you my brother….

  10. life well lived and appreciated is worth all the sacrifice. may the almighty God who has seen u n ur family through continue to bless u.

  11. Waah,,,,kant believe this long ago i heard tht Ramsey was dead!!!!! Nwei Be blessed brother with ur family
    You one in a million,, kudos!

  12. The Bible says a good wife who can find? She is worth more than silver and gold. Dear friend God has given you a good and a wonderful Wife, we join you to give thanks to the Lord. God bless you and your family in Jesus name Amen.

  13. yo movies ramsey teach us alot ov lessons yo a agd actor yo wife should count herself lucky no wonder she has endured alot in life & she is a strong woman may GOD bless your marriage happy stay .


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