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Move Over Kim! Kylie Is The New Style Queen

Move Over Kim! Kylie Is The New Style Queen


Kylie Jenner, 17, is the queen of Instagram and she loves the fact that she gets more likes than her older sis Kim Kardashian, 34, the new report claims. You won’t believe the things Kylie actually says about Kim — find out…

Like we said, Kylie LOVES getting more likes than Kim on social media and ‘she brags about it any time she gets more’, a source close to the fam told OK! mag.

She feels so superior to Kim these days that she even bashes her to her friends —’She tells her friends that Kim is ‘washed up’ and looks ‘desperate’ whenever she posts sexy photos to her Instagram account’, the source added.

‘She’s spent years living in her sisters’ shadows. She says that it’s finally her turn to shine. She’s younger and now says she is prettier and more determined than any of them’!

‘When one is the youngest in a family of so many, it is not uncommon to put others in the family down in order to validate ones own existence’, psychotherapist,  Dr. Karen Ruski explained to the mag.

‘And in a family that’s so enmeshed, with their personal and professional lives intertwining in the public eye, it can be hard to speak up in a healthy, productive way; the expression becomes ugly’.


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