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Kylie Jenner Is Not Set To Marry Rapper, Tyga Soon

Kylie Jenner Is Not Set To Marry Rapper, Tyga Soon




Fans have been anxious to know if Kylie intends tying the knots soon after her 18th birthday on August 10. This is what she has to say:

‘Not planning on getting married anytime soon’, she tweeted. Okay, so maybe an 18th birthday wedding is out of the question, but Kylie definitely doesn’t seem to be shutting down that she might make it official with her rapper boyfriend at some point in the future!

Little wonder the speculation’ Kylie has been curiously wearing a new gold ring lately  and has gone out of her way to show it off on an instagram post on July 28. Could this be a gift from Tyga as a way of telling her he wants to be committed to her forever?

And besides that, Kylie even hinted that she and Tyga might already be married in the first episode of I Am Cait, which aired on July 26. In one scene, Caitlyn’s mom, Esther, gives the 17-year-old a photo of herself when she was 17, and the former Olympian explains that Esther was already married when the photo was taken. “Kind of like me!” Kylie laughed, playing it off as a joke. Still, kind of a strange comment to make, no?

Anyways, let’s just keep our fingers crossed and see what awaits next!




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