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Kim Kardashian Under Fire For Instagram Drug Ad

Kim Kardashian Under Fire For Instagram Drug Ad


A firestorm incensed around pregnant Kim Kardashian after an instagram post plugging pills for morning sickness.
Kim West was said to have posted a photo on Monday were she held the Prescription Drug Diclegis, a reformulated version of a pill pulled from shelves in the ’80s after widespread fears it may cause birth defects came to the fore.
However, those fears were allayed by the drug’s maker and the FDA, which approved the new version in 2013, yet some mothers on social media have assailed the reality star for choosing to promote the pill. Whilst, others lay claim that nothing helps morning sickness and dissuaded people from taking such a pill stating she had the cash in the money on that.
Kim was quick to retort that since her morning sickness had been very disturbing, and her change of diet couldn’t help matters, she resorted to the use of #Diclegis pill which her doctor recommended her.
Apparently trying to allay any lingering fears, her post says, ‘She felt a lot better and most importantly, it’s been studied and there has no increased risk to the baby’.



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