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Joe Jackson; Michael’s Dad On The Verge Of Death

Joe Jackson; Michael’s Dad On The Verge Of Death


87-year-old Patriach of one of America’s royal families is currently in an intensive care unit at a hospital in Brazil after suffering an unfortunate series of heart attacks followed by a massive stroke while celebrating his last birthday.

As the Jackson family continues to show their love and support for their legendary father, a childhood friend of family matriarch Katherine Jackson tells RadarOnline.com exclusively that the family believes ‘he is on the verge of death’.

Although multiple reports have suggested that Jackson, 87, who is married to his lifetime partner Katherine, 85, is recovering from his traumatic injuries, the source insists that it is not at all the reality of the situation. The reports that say ‘he is doing fine and he is getting better are sadly exaggerated’, says the source.

Radar reached out to Sham Ibrahim, a longtime friend of the family who was commissioned by late King of Pop Michael Jackson to do portraits and has since painted almost every one of the Jackson clan.

Although he would neither confirm nor deny the reports suggesting that Joe was nearing the end, Ibrahim tells Radar, ‘The family is rushing to be by his side right now. The entire family is devastated’.

Adding that, ‘Joe Jackson and Katherine, especially Joe, is the glue that holds the family together and he has been for years’.

‘All of Joe’s children have nothing but love for their father and I think that is so important if he passes’, he said.


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