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Is It Over Between Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill??


Following the earlier diss with rapper Drake in a bitter rant on Twitter on Tuesday night, July 21,2015 Meek has taken down all her photos on his IG page.


Barely  four days after the hip hop couple were seen lavishing strippers with $40,000 in a Houston nightclub!

Their relationship started late 2014,  but it seems thing are already going rough between couples following rumors that she apparently may have had an affair with her label signee, Drake

Some Twitter users have linked Meek’s decision to Drake’s verse on his popular song ‘R.I.C.O’ where he rapped: ”The girl of your dream to me is probably not a challenge”. Fans now believe Drake was referring to his affair with Meek’s GF (Nicki).

Hmmm!!! Is it really over??? we’ll keep you updated….


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