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I’m Not Ready For A Relationship – Benjamin Joseph

I’m Not Ready For A Relationship – Benjamin Joseph



Nigerian actor, Joseph Benjamin opened up to Genevieve magazine on his career, relationship, kids and more.

On being a father, the actor told Tolu Falode that “It’s not a task. It’s an experience, and a beautiful one. Being a father has helped me build the very fabric of who I am as a man. It’s helped me to grow and mature.

It’s taught me responsibility and so I would say being a father has been a blessing for me because I have been able to draw strength from that and put it into my work. It has helped me balance my life in a sense.”

On balancing fatherhood with work, the actor said “I try to balance it. It can be difficult at times but I try in the midst of all that to balance it. I speak to them a lot.”

The most interesting part of being a parent, Benjamin replied saying “Being responsible for lives. Knowing that these lives are your responsibility; whatever comes out of this is on you. That has me in check and it’s lovely.”

On how fatherhood changed him, “I have a different view on life. I’ve come to understand what our parents went through and I can relate with them directly. I do understand. And it’s made me more accountable.

And business-wise, it has helped me because you realize every penny counts as a father and a parent because you know that you have a responsibility to these people. So whatever business decisions you are making, you understand that. You are also economically conscious of the fact that they are your first priority.”

On his advice to young fathers, “My advice is that your children and family should be first priority. Be close to them and let their lives be part of yours and [and let your life] be a part of theirs.

You guys should be together – make time for them – you can speak to them now and then and let them feel your presence even if you are not there physically, it goes a long way. And more personally try to be there for special events in their lives.

Those are memories that would constantly remain with them. It’s key to try to protect your children from the limelight. Shut them away from all of that; create a world for them and let them be in that world so that way, they have a balanced life.”

On if he’s searching for a partner, he said “I am right now so focused on work and giving a good life to my children. I am not searching. I am good where I am.”




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