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I Love You Is Not Cast In Stone- Comedian Ali Baba

I Love You Is Not Cast In Stone- Comedian Ali Baba



Popular Comedian, Ali Baba shared his thoughts on relationship on Instagram yesterday, July 23, 2015. Ali Baba said love is not cast in stone. And it takes a lot of work for one to make it work.

Read what the comedian wrote below.
“It takes two to make love work. But the work takes a lot of things. To some, what will make them fall head over heels in love is the same thing that will turn off another person. Check this out… Emeka is a banker… He loves Mabel.

She is decently dressed. Would be a wonderful mother with how she cares for kids that are not hers. She is not in his face all the time. She is quiet yet makes very educated and informed comments. Gainfully employed. Very mature. She doesn’t like it but he keeps spending on her. Sadly, Mabel doesn’t like, not even love Emeka.

Because beyond the money, he can’t give her the Big O! Tosin on the other hand loves Emeka, she has done everything you need to do to get him to make her his wife. She cooks. Romantic. Let him have his way.

Buys him gifts. Calls him always… But Emeka knows she’s in it for the money. She has no source of livelihood yet Lives large. She is loud. She is flippant in her utterances.

Doesn’t show she had core family values. Relationships like these abound everywhere.

“A lot of people think. ONCE SOMEONE SAYS “l love you” THEN ITS ALL THEY NEED TO DO. Sorry to disappoint you. I stand to be corrected, when anyone says I love you, it’s an offer on the table… From then on, the offer, if accepted has to be proven, defended, amended, compromised, reexamined, upgraded,… And if it stands the test of time, can be cemented into a marriage.

And even that, as we all know, marriage is a higher level of trials. And if the “i love you” is tested and fails on different platforms, it can not be forced.

The problem with us is that, even when we sometimes see that there is no miracle that can justify the “I love you” anymore, we just hang in there till it becomes hate.

“I have tried to talk to a couple I thought SEEMED PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER, so as usual i was pained to hear they could not work things out.

Up until, I heard the details of the relationship, did I realize my hope for them was a pipe dream. Her parents made her marry him because he got her pregnant. And beyond sex, they had nothing in common. Love can’t be forced. It’s either natural or you manage it as best as you can. “I LOVE YOU” IS NOT CAST IN STONE.”





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