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I Don’t Mind s*x Roles –Nollywood Actress Vera Ngoka

I Don’t Mind s*x Roles –Nollywood Actress Vera Ngoka



Actress, Vera Ngoka, is one actress that is comfortable with playing s*x roles. The Mass Com­munications graduate who had her NYSC national as­signment in Boko Haram-rav­aged Borno State has starred in over a dozen movies includ­ing Madam Gold, Gold in Coffin, Mother & Child and Mother is Gold among others. In this interview, Vera shares her experience with Entertainer and reveals how a male fan rattled her in Enugu.


How would you describe your experi­ence as a Nollywood actress?

It’s been awesome and worthwhile.

Was acting your dream as a child?

My dream was to be a journalist and my parents were looking forward to that when I chose to study Mass Communication but somehow, I found myself in the make-belief industry. But who knows? I may still do stuff in mainstream journalism but it would be much later.

What was your first movie role?

That was Ifunanya the American Nurse. It was an Osy Affasson production and was shot in Asaba.

You just wrapped up work on some flicks, what are their titles?

I don’t know the titles but I just finished a Corruma Production job in Awka where I played the role of Chioma, the daughter of a wealthy man and Nuella Njubi­gbo played an orphan called Nwamma. Shortly before then I played Aku, a naïve village girl in another job we shot in Asaba.

You are among Nollywood actresses experiencing back-to-back jobs. How many lead roles have you done so far?

I have done over 20 and by the special grace of God; I have never done any mi­nor role since I joined the industry.

You mean you did not do Waka Pass even on your first job?

No, I never did Waka Pass. My first job was somewhere between a minor and ma­jor role but not a waka passrole. That is not to say that there is something wrong with playing Waka Pass. As an artiste, if it is Waka Passrole that a filmmaker needs me to do in a movie to achieve his goal, why not? If the pay is good I’ll do it.

Between comedy and romantic films, which do you feel more comfortable acting?

A good artiste should be comfortable acting all roles.

Can you act a s*x role?

I can play s*x role but it must be refined and it has to be purely on make-belief basis. But I would not be caught playing unclad, soft P0*n or hard core roles; it’s not part of our culture.

Would you opt out if Afrocandy invites you to be part of her cast with juicy pay?

I’m not a P0*n star and I’m not aspiring to become one.

Can you pose unclad?

I cannot no matter the amount offered. I can be half unclad to interpret a role but I will not bare my womanhood for the world to see.

What is your view on s*x-for-role; does it really exist in the industry?

(Laughter) The industry is a com­munity and people should expect to hear both real and cooked up stories about it. I wouldn’t say that I have never heard about it but the big question is ‘if such things really happen, who is to blame?’ Using myself as an example, I would not rate myself as being bad-looking and I have worked with several directors, pro­ducers and big shots in the industry yet, I have never experienced it. Should we just call that luck? It would be a different game if I decide to adopt the other ap­proach which is ‘using what you have to get what you don’t have.’ In that case, am I not to blame if anything goes awry? So it’s a complicated issue which should not be blamed on one party alone. Desperate artistes can go to the extent of offering their bodies and even saying ‘Sir, please have me in exchange for the role.’ That’s just the truth.

Are you saying that actresses are to blame for s*x-for-role?

Blame it on the dearth of moral values, desperation and naivety. Practitioners, filmmakers and actors especially the up-and-coming all share in the blame. If you don’t have the talent, you don’t have it! And even if you cut corners to get a role you cannot go far. Besides, I don’t think that any filmmaker would risk casting a poorly talented actress in exchange for s*x because of his capital-intensive investment. It’s just some desperate girls that use that to seduce them. An Igbo adage has it that Akwala amaro ife (the p*n*s is always reckless). If you touch the lion’s tale, would you blame anybody if the worst happens to you?

What’s your biggest embarrassment as an actress?

I was shopping at Shoprite in Enugu when suddenly a guy appeared from nowhere, grabbed me from behind, bent my neck backwards and started kissing me roughly inside a boutique. Gush! I was alarmed, afraid, confused and everything. But he was wild and had a firm grip of my neck. So I was careful to avoid being choked in the process. After he freed me I could not control my anger so I landed a dirty slap on his cheek. And then with a raised voice I asked ‘have you gone nuts?’ Do you know what he did? In a calm voice he tendered apologies and said he found my lips irresistibly tempt­ing! He said he knew his action could attract a dirty slap and had prepared him­self for the worst because he did not want to miss the opportunity; can imagine that? He just ended up spoiling my entire day because his response even confused me the more.

How good can you interpret a lesbian role?

I once played it in the movie entitled s*x Max. The promo is on the internet now and it will hit the market very soon so you can watch the film and rate me afterwards. It also featured Cha Cha Eke and Anita Joseph among others.

The title sounds very suggestive…

But the movie is not what you think. Try and see it first before jumping into conclusion.

Which actress are you longing to work with?

I have worked with several of the mamas in the industry except Onyeka Onwenu. She is a bundle of talent and I am longing to working with her someday. I want to tap from her wealth of experi­ence.

Who is your ideal guy?

I like tall and gentle guys with bold masculine frame.

What would you do to keep your man?

As an African woman whose mum taught how to prepare sumptuous delica­cies, I would spoil him with great dishes. If you want to reach a man’s heart, his belly and bed are the surest paths; just be the woman and let him be the man.

Talking about bed …

Don’t even talk about it because I have no further comment on that (laughter).

You want to keep it se­cret for the lucky man?

Before nko? I’ll do justice to that when the time is right.

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