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El. Doctorow Dies At 84

El. Doctorow Dies At 84


Award winning novelist and renowned author as well as American’s best contemporary writer dies at 84.
The author who wrote ‘Rag Time’, World’s Fair’, The book of Daniel’ and many other works of historical fiction and non fiction was confirmed dead by his agent Ron Bernstain at a hospital in New York.
Report says he died due to complications from lung cancer.
‘Rag Time’ was adapted into a film and a broad way musical and ‘World’s Fair’ won the National Book Award in 1986.
A book review of his most recent novel shows he was operating the shadows of the Transcendentalists, ‘a romantic, a true believer-in the myth of America as a shining city, despite its various and ongoing failures to live up to its better self’.
According to David L. Wun, Doctorow is the ‘Lon Chaney of American fiction’ based on his variety of characters and genres he covered.


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