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Celebrity Birthday:  Jaden Smith Is 17

Celebrity Birthday: Jaden Smith Is 17


Jaden Smith Christopher Syre Smith is an American actor and rapper. Son to actors Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, elder brother of singer Willow Smith and younger half-brother of Trey Smith.



See parents touching mesage with caption ; “To my son,”

“Today you are 17. It was on this day a tremendous gift was delivered to me. A baby boy, whose existence reflected back to me all the passion, curiosity, love and beauty that only a child could collect from the deepest recesses of his mother’s secret heart and breath it into the world. You have made the beauty I could only feel within myself… absolutely tangible. You were not only born from my body… but born from my soul.”

P.S. It’s possible that Jaden’s parents were wishing their boy a happy birthday from afar, because Will and Jada’s son, who has followed in their artistic footsteps as both an actor and a rapper, was performing (shirtless!) at the 2015 New Look Wireless Festival in London’s Finsbury Park.



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