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Actor Emeka Ike’s Wife, Emma Files For Divorce As Marriage Crashed Over Constant Beating

Actor Emeka Ike’s Wife, Emma Files For Divorce As Marriage Crashed Over Constant Beating


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Nigerian Actor Emeka Ike’s Wife, Emma Files For Divorce As Marriage Crashed Over Constant Beating Emeka Ike Is A Wife Beater, He Calls Me Witch Anytime We Fight – Emma

The wife of popular Nollywood actor Emeka Ike has finally filed for divorce from her husband of 12 years. Emma Ike says her hubby is constantly battering her. She narrated how the couple lost their school when her husband stopped her from managing it.

Hear what Emma told the customary court yesterday:

“It was when my husband beat me mercilessly I believed that people truly saw stars whenever they were unconscious. It was my brother who took me to the hospital where I spent two months. There was also a day I was feeding our last child with tea, my husband, out of anger took the tea and poured it on my head.”

“I even persuaded his sister to bring four of her children to our school without paying a dime but instead of showing appreciation, she said I was a lavish spender and that was how I stopped being in charge of his school,”

“Each time we fight, he calls me a witch saying whenever he intends to start a project and he informs me it eventually fails. He also said if he hadn’t married me, I would have become a prostitute,” Mrs Ike said.

“Since I left, he doesn’t allow me to speak with our first two children asking me to come home if I really want to see them. Even when I was in with him, he leaves home for months on the pretext of different appointments. I can’t face all this anymore. I need help,”.

Chief Emeka Ike and his now ex-wife are blessed with 4 adorable kids. The divorce case has been adjourned till the 22nd of July, 2015.

Before now, it was rumoured that Emeka Ike has left his wife for an Abuja-based sugar mummy. The actor is currently based in Abuja.



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  1. a lesson for those young girls out there looking for fine guys and stars for marriage thinking that they are what they act.

  2. Wicked Monsterous Emeka Ike. Who would have thought this guy was a wife beater. Shame on you. What do you have to teach your children??? You are a disgrace to men and humanity and should be tied up and strangled. Madam Emma, leave the baggar and move on with your life.

  3. How I wish Emeka Ike would forsake the JEZEBEL OUTSIDE THERE Causing or should i say “Cursing” him to destroy the family he has built. Let me also remind him of TIGER WOOD, he has not recovered from his. Emmy please don’t disappoint God and your Fans. They say the Death that will kill a Dog WOULD NOT ALLOW IT to perceive the odor of excrete. You have Committed Spiritual Suicide! Come off it!

  4. i loved this guy and the way he acts but what have come to realize if its true because have not heard from is not a man there is a saying and its really true that real don’t beat women that is here in our country Uganda and it goes to ladies who think that being well off is love no please my sisters you should learn and before you accept first consult God he will guide well marriage without him can not go far and not only marriage but in everything you do consider him first

  5. Always acting school boy’s role in movies and pretending to be innocent. I was your biggest fan but reading this, you have lost me as a fan and I am sure you will lose many other fans. If you want to fight, why dont you get an area boy and fight him to the finish??? Why hit a woman? YOU WHIMP ! Emma, leave him and come and marry me now now now…. rubbish. This ape doesn’t deserve a beautiful woman like you. There are many men like me out there that will be happy to marry you today even with your 4 children.

  6. How disappointed i am,,i never thought this would happen in reality despite your catching movies”’why all this Emeka,,it shocks me alot. I never thought of you this way,,Madam Emeka live and move on with your life”you are pretty,so pretty you dont deserve all this…(what a f**k for the best couples you make,,Emeka you’ve messed it up)

  7. hmmm marriage is a good thing but the choice to make it work is yours. pls if the couples are reading this dont be discouraged take a big step to make it work. settle your differences, wife submit to your husband, husband love your wife, both should respect each other. it can work again it sure can but you have the choice to make. as for all commentors we’ve got to stop putting blames and work on ourselves also no one is perfect.

  8. What this people need is prayers from us as marriage is for better for worst.God help their home in JNA.

  9. mm, am short of words, coz i cant believe that most of the character emeka use to play in the films will be true, in is personal life. well God help u.

  10. Please Emeka and wife, I want you to understand that marriage is a life thing and not a temporary thing. Emeka, please come back to your wife and the four children they need you most now. Leave that woman @ Abuja as speculated she is a deceiver, she cannot in anyway be compared to the mother of your children. The kids are watching all the things you are doing now, life is not the same we are everyday drawing nearer to our grave old age is steeling on. Where is the first love you have for her? Show her that former love now as this show is going on, and I’m sure everything will be alright. God hates divorce. God will help you IJN Amen.

  11. In my opinion, we should not judge this case without hearing Emeka’s side of story in the whole episode. Are we really sure Emeka has beaten her before? It is hypocritical reaching to conclusion without hearing from both sides.

  12. you guys don’t really know what actually happened between the two couples because we are not living with them in the same house, in the beginning when they started as lover’s do they complain to the public ? No? Now! after 12years in marriage your husband is beating you without doing nothings because he is crazy, After 12 years in Marriage your husband calls you a witch saying whenever he intends to start a project and he informs you it eventually fails. He also said to you if he hadn’t married you , you would have become a prostitute,” you never did nothings wrong, Hey! those are the real angle we have to look at, don’t just wake up and start writing norsens because you hate they young man Ike…….Emma if you know what is good for you better come to that house to take good care of your children , this is your duty and you most perform your duty cos nobody will do it for you….secondly you most know how to respect your husband or you become a second wife to another man’s house.

  13. brothers/sisters, we should try and look beyond the ordinary. what this couple need now is prayer and not name calling.what you heard is one side of the story and even if you’ve heard from both side don’t join in destroying that home for the sake of their children and the society. lets join hands and pray that if there is any strange woman that God should disconnect them. i see a better tomorrow for them and i plead with Emma to hold on a bit. Jesus will make the difference and bring back joy and love in that home. God bless us

  14. Emma just hand over everything to God and believe that someday He will give u a better life out there or that Emeka will be a changed man, and love you again. He is no longer in love with u, that’s why he is reacting over every little thing. Keep on taking care of the children with you, one day God will intervene in ur case.

  15. Of a truth, non of us lives in the same House with this couple, but pls. let us stop apportioning blames by calling him names like ”wicked monsterous Emeka, wife beater” etc, or concluding that the wife is not respectful or does one wrong thing or the other (you know, whenever there is issues between a man & a woman, with out hearing both sides of the story the woman gets the blame) one thing we should know is that, there is no justification what so ever for any reasonable man to lay his hands on any Woman no matter the wrongs she does be her your wife, sister or whoever, there are many ways a man can deal with a woman. In as much as Emeka was not beating or calling his wife names all these years of their marriage, it does not mean he can not start it in a day, in this story it was romoured that Emeka was the one who left his wife for Abuja based Sugar mummy, what do you say about that ?.

  16. it love is in your side go and tell her to 4give u life is batter than to bealone try ask a man dont mind what people will talk about i love u ike put God frist u will find ans to dis problem thanks

  17. I don’t know if they can read this.
    couples should know when you’re married especially with kids, You have to stop thinking only for yourself, stop bein selfish, your focus should be for your children for the dream and life wish to see them have. The life you today in the present of your children Tomorrow will tell it. that is why couple’s must be careful the way they live their life’s.

    Emma, Think of what made you wish to marry Emeka b4 he finally marries you, and stop thinking only for yourself, by start doing you where that gave him the courage to marry you.
    Even though your husband is seeing another woman outside, you cannot not gain the love back by fighting.

    Emeka you do the same as your wife.
    There is sweet and bitter in every relationship, check it, it’s always when there is differences that love grows more. you guys don’t need a third party to come into your affairs.
    and never forget you made a vow to each other, for better for worst and you said I DO…..Think about making it work. Divorce is not the best solution.

  18. woman re always like that every where in the world even if u do good for them,they will always talk so plz emeka ike forget of her n take care of ur kids

  19. Hi Emeka, you were the most cherished actor I ever admire in Nigerian films. So please don’t make that mistake. because had I known will never be known. Please, think twice and try to settle this matter because it is a life problem and God had a hand in it. Emeka, God loves you and bless your marriage with four lovely kits, so please no matter what had happened, I know you can make it even if it is the woman who is wrong, please forgive her and reconcile with her. I know you can do it because I have been seeing you do it in your love films. thanks for understanding my boy don’t break my confidence in you. bye I love you

  20. It is quite a pity that things have gone like this. Even at that, I don’t think there is any marriage without bitterness to some extent. What I don’t cherish is the idea of a man beating the wife. I still feel that both of them can still build up their marriage if truly none of them has chosen another person’s better-half mistakenly. Outside this, nothing stops them from coming backing together once more.Now that the grievances have been made public, they will trail with caution and eventually become the best husband and wife provided there is no distrust and betrayal of trust between them. The children must be put into consideration in whatever decision they are taking. They also need to see an honest Marriage Counselor. I wish them God’s Mercy.

  21. Let’s be careful how we comment on marriage issues. We have only heard from one side,the other side is silent. Where did things go wrong, where did it start from? Lets not forget that this couple married out of love. Is Emeka Ike really a beast? Sometimes the guilty shout loudest.

  22. He is possessed let him go for prayers that’s all. the wife should also find out a solution to get back the Husband because of the kids and that is only through deliverance .

  23. I am not a Nigerian but i most try to counsel this couple that try to divorce, i have been watching Nigeria movie and mostly this young man, i like the way he play his role and also been honest in all his movie, please let the wife go back and take care of her kids for the first point. You knew that your husband was an actor and his role can take him all over the world and also leave the house for some months or weeks before you accepted him to marry, now that the problem has occur, don’t try to leave your children for another woman to come and take them as step kids, bet me, you will regret it in future.

    And never you listen to anyone who is advising you to leave your husband, bet me , majority of them are 100% dangerous than your husband, as a christian we all know that we inherited imperfect life from the origin of Adam. please go back for the sake sake of your children, you never know where this life will take you to, think of those beautiful kids, they are precious gift from God, counsel yourself with Bible principles , you will surely see the benefit of all this.

  24. She has not said any wrong deed of hers.In as much as I detest wife battering of any sort,Emeka may have over reacted but lets not be too quick to conclude as to why he keeps beating her.

  25. People condemning Emeka should have heard from him before making their conclusions.

    I am not trying to say that beating a woman is good. We should first try and find out if there was a beating. Women could sometimes be funny even the one that has been with you for more than twenty years. This is not to say that men dont behave funny. If Emeka says come home and see your Children, it means that Emeka wants the marriage

    At the level they were, they should have know what to to to avoid quarrels

  26. Lets also look at this issue from the spiritual perspective. This marriage is 12 years old. Was this how it was from the beginning?. And if the answer is no, then when did it start and how did it get started?
    Before we jump into conclusion on who is to be crucified, let us not also for get the fact that this guy is a popular actor with so many female fans out there who are even looking for one way or the other separate them from each other in marriage so as to hook up to him as wife or even his serious girl friend using diabolical means.
    Enemies of progress from the family or in the society who pretend to be lovely or friendly can still go extra miles in any way to make them act stupidly on each other and hates themselves as to decide not to be with each other as husband and wife any more.

    Could it be also that Emeka came in contact with a woman outside who charmed him to herself all alone and never to attach any value to his wife. I am saying this from my experience not that I had another woman outside but the people who claimed to be my relatives did similar thing to me and made through diabolical means and was pretending to petty me most until God met them and they confessed.

    Emma, please we your fellow Nigerians are saying sorry for the pain you went through if your story is true.
    For the sake of your innocent children, please am begging you to withdraw the case from court but invite some matured and respected fathers and mothers from the Nollywood industry (Nigeria), Some respected men and women of God from different Christian denominations, Wise and God fearing friends (married) to both of you and some selected members of yours both families.

    (1) These people who will stand to represent all Nigerians will meet with both of you in any church of yours choice.

    (2) They should not judge both any thing as there is no case to but misunderstanding between a couple.

    (3) They should only give a final warning to your husband never to make such a mistake again instead of protecting you and the children.
    And warn you never to do any thing whatsoever that will make him so angry.

    (4) The pastors should for both of you asking God to restore His peace in your marriage deliver your husband from any evil power fused spiritually into his life to destroy his own marriage and family by himself.
    All these mentioned above shall be done on behalf of all Nigerian as your husband is one of the eyes of Nigerians

    Finally, Emma, Do not listen any longer to those supporting you to break your marriage for they will never break up from such position you occupy in the society. Above all, many of them are already out of their matrimonial home as a result of not been able to manage their homes and their wickedness


    God bless you as you act fast to restore your marriage.


  27. What most of us people don`t understand is that Marriage is based on trust. You will not find a partner who is 100% your wants.If you propose love look at the weaknesses and strength. If you feel you can change the weaknesses then that is your right partner. Emeka should have not beat his half, if at all he did,cause he has taught many of us how to Love.He should have been a good example even in his house not just on the cameras.Am not blaming him anyway but at least he could find another way of resolving the differences rather than beating. Imagine it was your sister.12 years is big time you should have grown into a full man capable of handling big issues. Igwee you need to changeooooooh!!!!!!!

  28. The only word for Mr/Mrs Ike is God should help them, and take away this shame, we have not hear from the man, anyway no need for that, women can be something when a man is going through some difficult times in life, mostly the one that love luxury life, because I underline twos she said each time the husband discus business with her it will fail, (2) if not he married her she would end up been prostitute. Hmmm I believe Mr. IKE knows her wife more than anybody on this social media,
    The devil is at work they need our prayers not blaming wife or husband if we thoroughly love them
    God should guide and restore their home 12 years
    Is not 12 days we should join hand and pray for them mostly those who claim to be his fan
    God bless you all

  29. Emma, you have lovely children I know you, your mum is from the same place as me. do not allow the future of those children destroyed. is only you their mother that can take care of them, every marriage has its trying times, this is your own trying time will you fail? you will not in Jesus name. Swallow every pain you have experienced, go back home to meet your children, God will fix it up for you, you will be happy again If you don’t, the end might not be the best. God help you ijn.

  30. while this act is barbaric and condemnable, it behoves us all to be part of building a family around peace, mutual respect and tranquillity.
    It is wise to know the role of the wife in this act.
    a woman who was constantly been bartered by the hus resorted to spiritual help only to be given pebbles to put in her mouth whenever issues that might result to this act raises its ugly head and with a clear instruction of not allowing any of the pebble to fall of her mouth else she dies.
    she did as instructed only to find out that they hus is good man
    she went to the spiritualist to thank him but was told that what she was given was just ordinary pebble and not “juju” but advised her to mind her words as it was the cause of her problem with the hus

  31. my advice is that u go back to ur husbby for the sake of the kids, and also try to understand that in life u dnt xpect it rosary at all times… growing up from a broken home as a child its not a very good experience. i pray God help u and ur family in jesus name…

  32. Emma run for your dear life. People are here saying you should stay there ….believe me when Emeka kills you, these same people will write on this blog… why didn’t she leave him. It is important to be alive first. No woman should stay with a man that batters her , even for one extra day in the marriage. You cannot raise your kids if you are dead. You have to be alive to be able to have any impact in their lives. Do the right thing and just run pls. You can still be married to him from a distance if you wish to remain married to him. Life has no duplicate.

  33. Seriously the guy is gone crazy, how could he lay his filty hands on an angel like Emma? Emeka i am never your fan and now with this!!!! gussshh!!! i will certainly hate you the more. wife batterer!!

  34. Dear Emma he is not Worth it!!! believe once a guy beats up a woman once he will never stop. agreed you guys got kids but you also should value your own life too and think of yourself first.

  35. Emma have trust in God he knows why the separation,Emake lke am so disappointed with you coz a man to beat a woman in this era its acting primitive. They usually say, The Enemy Always Fights the HARDEST When he knows that GOD has something GREAT in store for YOU, so Emma don’t you worry, your a beautiful woman it shall be well.

  36. Emeka, Emeka, Emeka, marriage is not a movie it is real life you have to live it your entire life. The vowels that we make at the wedding day before GOD are not for funny as you use them in your films. “For better for worse”, sounds so light when being pronounced at that big day but when reality comes the weak like you run. No matter what the problem, you must keep your marriage. Wherever you are you have been be-witched as you act. You have read what people have wrote, if you are a man get back to yourself and take care of the children. This is not a three or four hours movie but this years you will not recover from it if not careful. In a film you can correct or ammend but in real life when spoiled you can’t.

  37. Hello Ike and Emma, maybe you both were so busy that you never found time to seek advice and guidance from a counsellor, they are really of great help to married couples you know. Whatever the case, what will be will be, the length of time never matters but faith does move mountains. I love you both, but God loves you more, so remain steadfast in prayer. Seek his face and he will definitely give you a reply for his ears are not deaf that he cannot hear your cries. Jumping from one person to the other will not solve the problem, so be strong and steadfast in prayer. God bless you.

  38. It is a pity that this should happen in our era. True or not true this story is not just funny. i totally agree with those who see prayer as the only option as solution to these case. I totally disagree with divorce or separations as others have suggested. I will personally PRAY
    for you and my God will help to bring you back to that love that seems to have disappeared.God Help you Both. You need Him now than ever_ before

  39. This is serious, i can never believe that this guy can be so mean to the extent of beating his own flesh and blood.this is ridiculous.

  40. It’s a shame for any man to beat his wife. If Emeka beat Emma, shame on him. But to Emma, God hates divorcing. The only ground for divorce, scripturally, is fornication if your are innocent. But you can seperate in the case of repeated violence with hope of coming back together when the violent one is remorseful and repentant.
    If Emeka wants to fight, let him face Jim Iyke but I’m sure the whole stories have not been told by the couple.
    Hoping to here from Emeka soon.

  41. What about the other side of this coin…Never rush to condemn before you listen to the other side too.

  42. Hey dude, you just lost me from the trail of your funs and thousand funs from Uganda, a gentle uses wards to get the woman back on truck not physical strength

  43. You were in marriage for 12 good solid years, both of you created 4 adorable children, you are both healthy and young, well off and comfortably sheltered. The both of you are just very foolish and stupid for not realizing the quality of what you have. To you Emeka, the devil you know is better than the angel in disguise, what is a handsome boy like you doing with “Sugar mummy|, am soooooo disappointed and for you Emma, there is no better marriage outside or a better man. We manage them, pray for them with hope that God will touch their heart to love us the more and not touch us into punching bags, but why does ur husband beat you, its a shame. if u know that thing we dey make am beat you “STOP IT” .There is a Yoruba adage that say ” Obe ti bale ile ki je iyale ki se e” meaning soup wey husband no de chop housewife no de cook am” U see husband marry u no appreciate am shey na because u no go from prayer house to prayer house. Shame no dey catch u, you come open mouth gbagada for public she shout say ur husband dey beat you. Haaa! wetin you do. A beg go inside arrange your marriage and take of those beautiful children wey Papa God give you. As u fine reach ur brain no strong reach. Anofia, u want divorce! Ife le me gbu gi. It is not in our culture. We the Ibos we value and maintain marriage.

  44. marriage is not a friendship that is why it called better and for worse,marriage is sweet and also bitter.marriage is a secret between man and woman no matter how bad today is tomorrow will be better. do not judge is only God knows everything, Emma tr to go back to your husband house remember the day you said I DO on the alter.

  45. No wonder when acting you can really see some harshness in his characters. Woman move on but work hard to train and guide your four kids to be lovely and God fearing.otherwise with the path your are about to take ” divorce” history may repeat its self.

  46. You journalists try to be giving us both sides of the story. Why should u behave as if the wife is ur relative or have you been bought to destroy his image? look at this Emma, how could you be beaten for all this period(imagine 4 children) without divorcing him already! were you happy then?

  47. Emeka loves you Mrs Ike, that’s why he is saying you should come home if you want to see your children. Go back home

  48. Well , am not a Nigerian but a Kenyan and have been watching Nollwood movies for some yrs now and the man Imeka is my best actor . One word for the couple after going through the comments keenly is to go back and look at where they started their love when they met for the first time before they got married . This is because marriage is made in haven and God is able to intervene when they come together and forgive each other. As everyone has said, we have only heard from one side and because of the bitterness in her she can say anything. However , most comments said it all clearly divorce is not the solution here , because 12 yrs is a long time with children in their marriage , they need to save it and live to remember what God has done in their lives. There is so much to say but most people who have commented here have said a lot and to make the story short let Imeka call for reconciliation and keep his marriage without outside people interference.

  49. My darling sister, it is one of those things, there is no perfect man out there. Marriage is a labour of love, remember it for better for worse, pray for him as Jesus is still in the business of answering prayers. . Your husband will not treat you bad again, he has realized his mistakes believe me, this is the ministry Jesus gave me. If you doubt me send me a message and we shall pray together and you will see a different man. GO BACK HOME.and tell that satan ” you can’t have my home because I am in charge”. Don’t destroy the lives of those little children of yours, if you do you will be punished. Be wise my sister. Elder Doris Eleri. Umuahia.

  50. Emeka and Emma, many have said theirs, from their own perspective , but i think from my own opinion like a married man, Dont always use your hands to beat your wife, only your talking to her will beat her more than the hands you use on her, the act is not good. try to hold on to your anger and dont react when she makes you angry.

    Emma, take it easy and go back home, i know it is not easy but , go down on your knees and ask God to restored your home and that what everthing the devil is using to destroy your home should be shattered in Jesus name.

    Always confort your husband vice versa and ask for apology even it is what. Filling for a devoice is not the best act , but talking it out with his parents and your parents at the same time, i think God, who joined the marriage for 12 years will restored it in Jesus name.

    This is the moment satan is using you to destroy this loyal family of yours.

    Please Emeka Ike, if it is true that you are in Abuja for a sugar mummy daughter, please apology never remove any part from your body. That woman out there is just to get you down and you will regret afterward, run back to your wife.

    They will socked up all you would have used to help these children and it will be late . My brother, turn back to your wife and people will be jealouse of your marriage.

    I wish you all the best and i think the customary court will say as i have.

    Denis from cameroon.

  51. Honestly, nobody had thought that Emeka Ike would be so brutal..to the extent of battering his own Wife of 12 solid years. This is not fair at all.
    I would rather beg Madam to please reconsider her decision for the interest of here beautiful children and come back to her matrimonial home.
    Emeka Ike: please note that days were gone when men used their wives as punching bags. Stop that nonesens and reconcile with her. No woman is an angel.

  52. Please brother, give a respect to your self. A Man who cares a wife can not do that, be a wife care my dear brother. May be there something wrong somewhere, then you need a total deliverance. what you must know is that we can have money today, tomorrow not. so take care my brother, I am really sorry to hear this. Go and say sorry to your wife, she should come back to your house and I hope after your deliverance things will be ok.

  53. Ike wake up?marriage is not a game of force,thanks God you have kinds,,,just leave a good example but is not easy for every one,try and do your part,as for the wife ,,look your self well and balance your self well,if what you are really doing with ike if is right

  54. Marriage life is not bread n butter. before a man beats his wife, there must b a situation surrounding the beating.maybe Emma provoked Emeka to beat her either by something she talked or did. i believe that she cannot b beaten for nothing. marriage is respecting each other even if Emeka has a love affair with a sugar mummy, let Emma play it cool and pray for her husband to come out of the sugar mummy n maybe she has gone to the witchdoctors to win Emeka’s love.
    Also Emma know that your husband is a public figure and he is admired by many viewers so protect him and own him coz many are dying for him.
    Let me advice women;
    Even if your husband has done anything annoying to you, just approach him in a very humble and respective way coz men admire humility and respect and definately he will listen to you and change his habits.
    But if you go to him telling him to go to his prostitutes, then you are sure of getting a good beating and being chased away from you matrimonial home.
    Women know how to handle your men and know that they are delicate and fragile like an egg pliz handle with care.

  55. Madam most women have gone through this before you, and they are still together, go and ask your parents what makes them to be together to their old age, is patience and endurance, you as a woman, your duty is fasting and praying for your family, especially your husband that God should intervene and change him for better, many women of before don’t go to court or expose their husbands, but pray for them and God answers their prayers, there is a song which women fellow use to sing that a woman that is not patient enough will be seeing parking and walking from one street to another with her properties, let that not be your portion in Jesus name, go back to your room, kneel down and cry to God for better home.
    Broken home is dangerous to our children, don’t allow another woman to come and enjoy what you have labour for years, enjoy it with your husband and children, may the good Lord bless and guide you on the right part Amen.
    I am a jealous woman, I will not allow my husband to marry or flirt outside our marriage, so I do my best to satisfy him in either what way, help your husband from backsliding, please that is what a woman suppose to do for her family.

  56. Emeka and Emma, people have spoken. Its your time to make a decision. Remember your answer is in CHRIST. He has never failed anyone who seak him. Marriage is Holy and it only comes from GOD.
    Ecclesiastes 9:9 “Live joyfully with the wife whom thou lovest all the days of the life of thy vanity, which He hath given thee under the sun, all the days of thy vanity: for that is thy potion in this life, and in thy labour which thou takest under the sun.” King James Version (KJV).
    In New International Version (NIV) “Enyoy life with your wife, whom you love, all the dats of this meaningless life that God has given you under the sun–all your meaningless days. For this is your lot in life and in your toilsome labor under the sun.”
    This is what the bible says about marriage. There are so many verses which talk about marriage find time and study them they will help you overcome the trap the devil has placed over your life.
    Personally I have regarded devil as the dullest student in class sitting in group 3 or C in the corner chewing pencil or ball pen. He does not know anything about the future all he does is to capitalize on the present situation, when you realize his presence and ignore him he will remain shewing the finger waiting for another opportunity, in other words he is an opportunist.
    Always remember his move and put him in his right place them he will leave you alone. He tempted Jesus but He had to put him where he belongs and he left, but still he continued coming but Jesus always noticed him, the same applies to you and all of us he shows up in our lives but it is the matter of putting him in his right place “in corner group 3)


  58. If you like Emma or Emeka…do find out when their divorce case will hold and make effort to attend in solidarity of any of them and hear both side/counsel speak. You will argue better!

    Hospitalized 2 months from beating! Hugh no scar to show for that…it must be internal injury!!

  59. hmmmm so sad this was how my wife left our home with our 2yr old daughter its now 4years since she left and was telling people lies about me just to spoil me so people should stop judging Emeka my pin 286fa9d9

  60. When it comes to marriage, or any relationship…you can never as a third party think for one second that the testimony of one person is enough…BOTTOM LINE, wife beating, fighting with women is way below the belt…but the first witness is always right until proven guilty by the second witness…That said, no man or woman cannot change, and for those of us judging harshly, let’s just remember that we all have our own skeletons!

  61. All is well. We Cameroonians love Emeka and so will not stop praying for his family. Let love lead our Nollywood legend. Patch things up.

  62. My dear sister, divorce is not the solution to this problem the only solution to this problem is prayer, look unto God for the survival of your marriage, do not allow the devil to take over your marriage from you. Get up and fight to restore your marriage.

  63. so shocking as I was reading this, my advice to them is to realize that marriage is an institution ordained by God Himself were u don’t graduate. God can restore peace in that family. madam Emma please don’t leave ur home for another woman pray for him. divorce is not the best option my dear for mr Ike please swallow ur pride and apologize to her pray to God who has been blessing u in time past. she is not a witch is just a mere challenge that confront u. use the word of God to over come it and great shall be ur testimony. God bless ur family


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