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50 Cent Says He Also Owes His Grandfather

50 Cent Says He Also Owes His Grandfather


  • US rapper 50cent who recently filed for bankruptcy has come out to say he also owes his grandfather.

It’s been a funny period hearing the rapper say things about his financial status, especially given that he likes to live a flashy lifestyle. But then, which Hollywood player isn’t flashy?

Reports revealed he owes his Grand dad a sum of $1,737.33. But, this debt compared to a net worth of $26 million is just an ice berg.

Rapper also owes $64,909 to American Express, $137,880 to Bentley as well as two court judgments amounting to $23 million.

Recently, on 13th July, he filed for bankruptcy in US Bankruptcy Court in Hartford Connecticut with assets and debts totaling $10 million(6.4milion euro, 9million euro) to $50million($32million 46,million euro). It was gathered that he filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy days after a jury ordered him to pay $5 million to a woman who appeared in a sex tape that went viral in 2009.

Rapper affirms: ‘You get a bulls eye painted on your back when you are successful and it’s public to know you have become the ideal person for a lawsuit’.



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