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Kate Henshaw Loses Everything As Her House Is Gutted By Fire

Kate Henshaw Loses Everything As Her House Is Gutted By Fire



According to reports, June 25, 2015, veteran Nollywood actress, Kate Henshaw’s Lekki apartment was gutted by fire.

New details have now stated what it has cost the actress.

Kate Henshaw was on location of ‘Do-Good’, TV series which is a revival of her and Basorge Tariah Jr. combination in the 90’s soap opera ‘Candle Light’ when she was called by her neighbors that her house was on fire.


Kate Henshaw quickly went home and called fire fighters, but it was too late. The twin duplex was burnt.  According to witnesses at the scene, Kate Henshaw was said to have lost all the things she worked for in the house.
She is currently living in a temporary quarters and is yet to resume shooting.


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Nollywood actress and fitness instructor, Kate Henshaw suffered a huge loss as a result of the fire that engulfed her apartment last week. She has relocated temporarily.

An online medium, NET, reported that a part of the house located on Oyibo Adjarho Street in Lekki Phase 1, was damaged by the fire believed to have started in the actress’s living room following the restoration of electricity to the area on Thursday, June 25, 2015. The fire was said to have been ignited by the explosion of one of the air conditioners in Kate’s living room. The house will sure need some repairs before the actress can move back into it.

Several people were on hand to console and sympathise with the Nollywood star over the incident. Funke Akindele was among the many who showed concern over the incident. Another colleague of the actress said “her room started to burn first, then it burnt down completely everything she’s got in this world. It was a sad thing to watch your property going down. The situation was helpless. We couldn’t look the actress in the face.”

The actress was alerted of the fire while shooting the pidgin English comedy series, ‘Do Good’ that casts Basorge Tariah Jnr at Lekki. Before she could get to her house, the fire had done so much damage and destroyed property worth millions of naira.

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  1. sorry love the God who gave you this one has a better plan ahead ok just take heart it is for good since no life was loss so better future ahead

  2. ohhh dis woman is of ma favourite actress in the idustry…n dis is sad buh i hope she takes heart n God will surely get ha through..am sad n down too..

  3. ohhh dis woman is one of ma favourite actress in the idustry…n dis is sad buh i hope she takes heart n God will surely get ha through..am sad n down too..

  4. though its had to imagine the incidence but God will wipe any tear from your face ok. its well already.

  5. Heeyaa sorry o may God Almighty return to u ur lost property in a miraculous way. Pls take heart.

  6. My sympathy sister Kate, hold heart and say focus on our heavenly Father He will provide for you back your properties. Stop crying and look unto him. Start to thank Him because He save your life by given an assignment to undertaken and make the enemies plan to fail. He love and cares for you. God's plan for you is to succeed and prosper even though you have lost your properties but he is going to make another way for you if you believe in Him. I declare that this month God will connect you to your divine helper. Divine Favour is going to be your portion. stay cool and laugh at devil and tell him your miracle is on the way to receive double of what you have lost.

  7. your God, will restore everything you lost. … 5 and bring you back to the land your ancestors once possessed. It will be yours again. He will give you a good life and make you more numerous than your ancestors

  8. Katy words can't express what you are going through but thank God it wasn't worst than it is… what if the plan of the enemy was to take your life probably causing the fire to start up while you were in and asleep… I trust God has good plans for you, just give him thanks..

  9. God’s plans for you is greater than this, thank God for the give of life you are a winner

  10. Kate,Our God is a God of double restoration look unto him he will visit you soon like Job.take heart pls

  11. God is in control of your life and that life is so precoius which the heaven father God has preserved. thank God for everything that has happened give him praise.

  12. Sorry for the lose of property, God will give you much more, Rem the Story of Job, our God will never forsake you.. Take heart Sister and be strong.

  13. things do happen for a purpose god will surely replenished you in Jesus name for more things are to happen in your life first thank God for your life you will laugh again dear take heart.

  14. Thank God Almighty your life is not lost in the fire you will surely bounce back sorryyyy

  15. Thank God Almighty your life was not lost in the fire you will surely bounce back sorryyyy

  16. Do not loose hope in life when you are put so down in life , the Lord is with you , and he will provide all your needs , my sister , JUST keep your faith , in all this , and the Lord Jesus Christ will provide ,He always has the best way ever ever AMEN . The Lord is just telling you that i know what you are going through , be strong he will never live you alone okay .

  17. Pls take heart is better than death, your still alive and hope dey. your still young to make it all over again becos with God all things are possible, you did not aquire those things by your power but by him that gave it to you for it is written that nothing is given to any one if it is not from God so God will give you another one soon, stop thinking or crying, it will not do you any good, many are in worst situation than yours. don't harm your self pls. Senegal based.

  18. My darling sister, this is your own trial period but don’t worry just focus on God almighty he is able to see u through.
    After all d yorubas say that a king’s house that gets burnt is only asking for beautification. A huge blessing is coming your way soon. Amen.

  19. pls be patient,is only God who knowns reason it happen dat way nd i know by faith you wil do more than this.am srry fr that bt dnt let dat mute u bt be happen nd you surely achieve ur loose back in Jesus Amen.

  20. Kate take heart. it so so bad. In every situation always give thanks to God. This is similar to what happens in the USA in September 11th 2001. What America had built over many years Osama Bin Laden took a second to destroy. Your house that u have built for many years, fire took a second to destroy it down. Take heart. Have faith in God.

  21. Take heart God has lifted your burden away its just a matter of time ,you will bounce back.

  22. My darling sister, this is your own trial period but don’t worry just focus on God almighty he is able to see u through. GENESIS 1 TO 1 In The beginning God created the heaven and the earth…

  23. Dear Kate please bear the loss with courage.The good God who provided this property will provide another for you.

  24. Kate tho is sad at first site, but I tell u wat? u are blessed. Anything that happened is for a reason. God is going to bles u beyond ur comprehension just kip watching. ..

  25. keep hope kate, remember whenever you fail, step up. blessings are ahead. although it’s sad you will be blessed beyond your expectation

  26. So sorry indeed, May the good Lord be with you and help you to recover your losses

  27. Quite unfortunate for my dear Sister Kate but this picture does not show a state of complete burnt and loss as in the story. Let us have a picture of the building as at now. Thanks.

  28. My dear Kate Henshaw,listing my sister honestly i am very sorry for every thing you lost but always look up the sam God that gives you this wealth we also rebuild it for you ok

  29. If this really is the picture of the said house, I don't see reason why it should be so exaggerated as losing everything she worked for. please learnt to print as it is. May Lord make it as a king's house for her. Amen.

  30. My celebrity am so sorry for what happened to you accept my sympathy, and you have nothing to worry our almighty God the beginning and the end shall do it again ahead of what you lost it shall be well with you. God bless you

  31. Ufan, it’s a new beginning for you. That it has happened in your prime means you can pick up your pieces and move on. We love you alive than dead. As long as there is life your neck will continually be cladded with pearls. Regards

  32. Be strong kate, ur life more inportant to us. God will surely see you through and you will raise again. Remember JOB in the bible? Thank GOD for your life

  33. It’s well sist,downfall of a woman is nt d end of lifetime.it’s part of challenges,lts painful;bt I belief d Lord Wil strengthen u.Move on sist,no let enemies laugh u.

  34. We all feel ur pains, the God of restoration will sure visit u IJN. It’s well.

  35. I’m very sorry for what just happened to you, God will strengthen you, He is there for you

  36. As long as your life remains you worth more than what you have lost and will replace all that was lost, Receive Gods strength!

  37. My dear remember not to loose hope almighty God will provide you everything that you lost believe in him

  38. Sorry dia but be strong behind sunshine there’s always rain. may God bless your hands to gt other things

  39. The God who gives you wil provide for you always pray to God to make you be the head an not the Tail .Take heart mum it wil be well in God’s name

  40. so sorry dear….be strong ok?…i pray that bigger breakthroughs will hit you this period…cos of this loses…just keep faith alive…GOD is seeing ur tears…

  41. God will provide for u but don’t loose hope bcos wen dey is life dey is hope. Life goes on.

  42. So sorry my dear thank God there is still life He will perfect all that concerns you and return more than 10 folds of what u av lost just praise Him He is faithful .

  43. In all things let’s give thanks to God Almighty for this is His will through His son Jesus Christ. Ma dear, God wz nt informed after that incidence bt God wz aware b4 dat incidence bt He allowed it bcos He has better plan 4 u

  44. My dear take heart and put all your trust in GOD cos he is d only prsn dat can restore ur wealth back. He knws evrytin b4 it happens….. All hopes re not lost my dear.

  45. Dear,i am very sorry for what happened to you,may d good God replace whatever you have lost and always hope in him,believing that in less than no time,he will surely surprise you.Take heart.

  46. Your comment..I know d gud God dat I serve wll surly make a way for u were is no way. sory nd do nt d gud God is lifting u up to a grta height.

  47. my dear kate,i am so sorry for wat happened God can never allow anything to affect his children. So when there islife there is hope.More which u didnt expect will come way.God knows d best .So sorry n accept my sympathy

  48. Be steadfast in your faith. God is trying your love for HIM. Give thanks and praises. Dont grieve. HE will surely restore all your losses in a million fold, like that of Job.

  49. Think of job in the bible, God will bring back all what you have loss in 100 folds. please take heart.

  50. Its well my sister.. God knows best and He would give you double for ur trouble in Jesus name… Its well

  51. The easiest way of her gaining strength faster is for all the brethrens (her family, friends, neighbours, and anyone concerned to do something in their power and help, lets act please). All will be well.

  52. take heart sis God knows better. by god grace everytin u loss shall be return to u in millions fold


  54. Psalm63:3 His favour is better than life. May his grace be sufficient for you in a time like this. keep fit and keep winning Kate

  55. so sowi dear actress its well wit u.God neva let his people down & am sure he wont let u go like that.juz keep thanking him for what he has done am sure he will suprise you before the year runs out.its well wit you my dear!

  56. my dear kate,all is not lost for you still have life.you have to be courageous.know that all that whatever happens is for a purpose.please take heart and the Almighty GOD will see you through.

  57. Sorry, my Baddie, all is well with God, just trust in him for he is the Alpha and the Omega.

  58. Dear sorry for d loss but since no life wz lost give thanks to God. You can still get those things back. Its just a matter of time

  59. Kate, i am really sorry for the loss of your property..God will sure see you through this. It is well my dear..

  60. Sorry for that, but I don’t comment on people issue, but your case is different. What l can tell you is that, you remember a man called Job in the bible,if you are a christian.Your read something about him again and see which types of wealthy he have at that time . after he lost all the wealthy what happened ?since he was a believe of God what happened last ? You believe in God he will bless you again with more things than what you have lost. Thanks you God bless you and give you more things again.

  61. Please accept my most sincere sorry for this unfortunate situation. The Lord Almighty will replace all your loses like that of Job in Jesus Name. Take heart because it takes the living to recoup all the loses.

  62. Please accept my most sincere sorry for this unfortunate situation. The Lord Almighty will replace all your loses in Jesus Name. Take heart because it takes the living to recoup all the loses.

  63. All hope is not lost yet, gather yourself together and move on. You can still make it better. Sorry for the lost, may God help you through, it is not easy.carnivora [cameroon]

  64. my dear, all hope is not lost okay if there is life there is hope too. Gether it again and you will surely make it again and again. Amen

  65. Sorry for the lost dear just put your truth in God and he will do more than what you have lost dear

  66. be strong and may God help you and guide you okay and the yoruba;s say (ile oba to jona ewa lobu si) God will proved for you and build for you a better one okay……………be strong

  67. Take hart my screen diva,God knew d reason why it happened,nd he knew d reason why U were away wen it happened.am so sort my star,its really painful,tnk God for life.

  68. Sorry my dear sister, Give me your account number let me see what i can do. Thank heart is one of does things

  69. Sory,u r a gorgious and courageous lady,remain strong bse there are those who dont have even what to loose,God will give the other best ones.

  70. sorry swtheart all is in the name of accident, that’s a bad omen which has gone with all ur problems ,God will replace more and more, relax and accept it has happened ,be prayerful and let the movie UV gone to shoot keep u strong of the memories of the incident, just compose urself love u it shall b wel

  71. take heart my dear coz certain things happen to test your heart. remember u were not born with them but you worked and got them so stand strong everything that you lost will be recovered just like it happende tp job, it will also happen to you and doubled.

  72. tek hrt my dia siz GOD wil blc u more than tat.always pray en HE wil answer ua prayers

  73. its just a test of time and sure it’s gonna pass with time so just trust in God n urself n everything will pass like the wind, giving u greater n better opportunities in life

  74. Great you are favored by God to to look at live with the eye of a serge. congratulation.

  75. Please take heart and put your trust in the LORD because is Him who can restore all your lost

  76. Pls take heart and put trust in God, our God is not a sleeping God, he will do more than what you have lost dear. just belive in him and 4get abt wht happen.

  77. My dear , it is well. Setback is not the end of life, as you can see u have your life not only having it you are not in d hospital. The lost of property can not be compare with d lost of LIFE ” I lost my late husband after nine years with out any issue. In dis what can u say? I still have hope.

  78. this is too little compare to what happened to Job in the Bible,at the end Job laughed.To my candid understanding this situation is best known to God Almighty.you will differentially laugh at last dear

  79. Aunty kate i’m very sorri 4 ur loss bt wat i can say to you is dat God will replenish watsoever u hv lost bck to you nd do nt allow ur soul 2 b troubled ok, 4 God knws d best.

  80. A”m so sory dear God wil make a way for u where there is no way.
    trust in God He will return every thing dat u lost in one way or d other insha Allah. that is by God’s grace.

  81. So sorry,my star, God will surprise u in the next few days.the concern of ur fans since d incident occur is evidence that u are not alone in this unfortunate fire. Just be calm, even though it’s not easy

  82. My dear the truth is that,that is not the end of life,more better days is still ahead of you.The same God that helped thus so far is too faithful to fail His love one,He will definitely make away for you okay,just be calm.

  83. weh so so sorry my dear our God is a restoration God so wipe ur tears ant turn to him in prayers u will see a miracle, ok? God loves u more than the earthly properties and that is the more reason why he send u out of the house so u could be harm by the fire say many thanks to him dear and be comforted with whatever u have now. i am very sorry i can help u materially bcos i don’t have but my prayers are more important my sis

  84. My model Kate very sad for something like this to happen to u, but never mind in everything give thanks to God almighty, a greater door will open for u, Thank God u where no at home during d incidence, THANK GOD.

  85. Worldly things are useless my dear, I thank God because you have your life intact. He has a good purpose for you.

  86. sorry for all that u have lost. may God confort your heart an bless your more than all that you have lost

  87. My Dear, pls dnt worry urself? GOD will help and bless you again bcos only the strong can belong. pls just beliv in GOD ALMIGHTY and all will b well again AMEN.

  88. it take a years to get everything but it take a day to lose them all. My dear sister have hope in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart , if you can go to the Bible Job have all kinds of things but one day all destroy, my dear sister don’t worry much about what happened it’s painful its hurt but have heart. So far as God help job to restore his things back and he get it more than what he have first, so will God almighty will restore all that you loss and it will be more than what you have first. believe in the Lord and you will small again in the name of Jesus Christ Amen

  89. Sr sorry you will surely recover beyond what you have lost with God’s presence in your life.

  90. may the almighity strenthen your soul my lovery sister
    God gave you he will it again for you lovely one
    In the Thee i put your soul
    rest my sister until the morning comes. God will multiply your reward

  91. So sorry Kate. People who are close to you say how nice a girl you are who does no deserve this. Truth is that nobody deserves this kind of catastrophic loss. Take heart dear. And seriously people, time for us to start taking insurance serious. Kate never believed this will happen and today she is a victim. She did not worse than the rest of us…it could have been anybody else.

  92. Sorry for what happened. Just be yourself, there is hope for a tree that is cut. God will help you to recover all and get more.

  93. sorry, God will replenish your losses, much more than what you’ve had God will do for you

  94. my best sorry for i know its hard to forget but u have too take heart with had happen and put ur self together God knows best and he’s capable of doing things on his on way just have in mind dat wat happen is a testimony to u and a day u will rerecord all of dem pls bear with mi on my conciliation sorry once again i feel badly inside of mi hw wish am in a better position to do sumtin a would have show u sum but i sade before God knows best pls put ur self together

  95. it take a long ages to gether all d grames an awards dat gat burnt bt i knw it will take just a yr for God to restore it back, just believe my dear, am so sorry for f lose

  96. Kate am really sorry for the loss,just don’t worry the lord God who provides will give u back everything in multiple.Take heart dear

  97. take care my dear, you know with GOD every thing is possible. is God who provided the house, so HE will give a better one as compare to the one that is gone. Trust in HIM and it shall be well

  98. i thank God for her life and as for what she lost, God will return those things in many folds, her life is more important and hence there is life there is hope.

  99. We thank the Almighty God that you and your family are a life, there is nothing bigger than God take heart. God is still in Heaven.

  100. may God almighty restore all dat u have lost. just be thankful to God for keeping u alive many days ahead
    the good lord will see u tru

  101. behind every misunderstanding there is a breakthrough,We thank the Almighty God that you and your family are a life

  102. Nnem cheer up……thank God you are still breathing. you will recover all in jesus name.

  103. Its truly painful. Take heart and thank God that you are still alive and healthy, sooner or later the Lord shall provide better properties than the perished ones. take hearth.

  104. This is very pathetic.
    Myz Kate pls take heart, the Lord will restore in hundred folds.

  105. You have not lost everything, because you are still alive to make things better, just be strong for us.

  106. kate be strong in the LORD, and everything happen for a reason also u have life lets thank HIM, i love u sis



  109. My dear Sister, done give up, is not over. and everything happen for a reason also you have life to live thank God, i love you sis.








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  111. katy i believe dry bones shall rise again
    just be strong cuz god is in control

    best regards

  112. My Sister take what has happen as nothing but i know that my God will replace your lost in hundred folls may God be with you

  113. KATE, I know what and hw you’re feeling right now. all i just want you to know is ‘ITS WELL’. GOD Knows y, and i pray he’ll bring back all the lost glory. AMIN. IT’S WELL WITH YOU.

  114. The has done that to her and is not a normal fire but the God of double portion will restore to her all that she has lost in double fold . Amen .

  115. Hello Kate. Sorry for the incident. Thank God you are alive. There is still hope to get back more than what has been damaged. May God replenish all you have lost within this year in Jesus Name, Amen.

  116. So sad sister but what i can tell you is only that you should not loose so longer you still alive please almighty is there with all his power to control every temptation in human life may God bless you and your family.

  117. Swtma, God gives nd he takes. Bt wot I wnt 2 assure is dis, psalms 62:5 says: my soul wait thou only upon God; for my expectations is from him. Wot am trying 2 say, all those dat wnt u 2 start all over 4rm square one shall receive it in abundant…

  118. Iam so so sorry Kate Henshaw God will replace it for you in abundance. Just dont worry for He (GOD) is working in HIS perfect way for good for you my dearest actress love you so much.

  119. My Dear sister, i really know how you feel about this incident, but i have no Gold nor Silver to give to you in other to forget about the ugly situation but all i can say to you is, Take heart and never allow fire incident to overwhelm you and your career because God know’s why it happened that way, without the will of almighty God in heaven it won’t happen and the God that had given you the success so far won’t let you down nor your enemies to laugh at you, surely he will shower more of his blessings upon you and in abundant way. Says the Lord.

  120. From God everything comes, To God everything goes!! Everything will come back to you with the Will of God The Exalted.

  121. The God of all possibilities will give back your glory & pride to you, just carry on with the faith, God will strengthen you ever more

  122. I believe strongly that God must surely see you through in this difficult situation.Take heart.He is a God of impossibility


  124. if dere’s one reason why i watch nigerian movies its bcuz of and hearx dat such a thing happened to u sounded so bad to me. Wish u de best swit. take care. God is in control…….

  125. well only GOD knows why , u dont have to query Him cos he giveth and taketh but one thing i know is dat He shall replace every thing u ve lost and those u are expecting in trillion folds in Jesus name Amen pls take heart

  126. Take heart my dear sister. It is well with your soul. You shall smile again for everything in Jesus Name.

  127. D bible says: give thanks to God in everything my dear Kate. Pls remain strong, God got a bigger plan for u.

  128. My dear friend, bear in mind that in every disappointment in life, note that blessings is coming on your way. The way we sees it isn’t the way God sees it. It is well…………. Take heart.

  129. GOD WILL DO A NEW THING. All eyes will see it and rejoice with you. Be strong. the world is looking at you


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