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I Can Marry A Poor Man But….- Moyo Lawal

I Can Marry A Poor Man But….- Moyo Lawal



The fact that she is curvy and beautiful, doesn’t get into her head and she wants people to stop addressing her as a sex-symbol in Nollywood.

Controversial actress, Moyo Lawal, who went hiatus for a while is fully back into the entertainment game.

The ‘Wicked Love’ starlet in a recent interview gave reasons she has to turn down marriage proposals and the condition with which she could marry a poor man.

Speaking on the rejected marriage proposal, she said, “Yes I have and that was because I wanted time to pursue my career but he didn’t understand so I turned it down.”

On whether she can marry any of the cute actors hovering around her she seems not to mind.

“Who knows what God has in store for us? As for me I don’t know what God has in store for me. Whether he is in the industry or not, whether he is in the gutter or not, whether he is from the skies or whatever does not matter as long as God sent him to me.”

The hour-glass shaped diva who’s the best friend of Mimi Orjiekwe, doesn’t as well care if her potential husband is poor or rich.

“Poor man with a vision? Yes! But the most important thing like my dad always says is that a man should have a vision and must be interested in making sure that his family does not go hungry,” she said.




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