Home Entertainment Gists Davido In NDLEA Trouble Over “ Fans Mi ” Video Featuring Meek Mill , Risks 15 Year Prison Sentence
Davido In NDLEA Trouble Over “ Fans Mi ” Video Featuring Meek Mill , Risks 15 Year Prison Sentence

Davido In NDLEA Trouble Over “ Fans Mi ” Video Featuring Meek Mill , Risks 15 Year Prison Sentence



It is an old and very popular saying that “Never Bite more than you can chew” well guess this is the case with certain Nigerian celebrities who in the recent past had publicly flaunted themselves using hard drugs either in their performance or posted pictures on any one of the available social media.

Due to the rise in such acts, the Nigeria Drug Law Enforcement Agency has said it has started to keep tabs on celebrities in Nollywood and the music industry for drug trafficking, abuse and links with drug cartels.

The agency said the move became necessary, following its investigation into the activities of Nigerian hitmaker, Davido, for showcasing hard drugs in his video ‘Fans Mi’ featuring American rapper, Meek Mill.

In the video, which has gone viral since it was released earlier this month Davido is seen discussing with an unidentified man as they haggle over a briefcase of dollars and a bag full of parcels of hard drugs. There are also lewd scenes in the video.

In an emailed comment to Sunday Telegraph, NDLEA’s Head of Public Affairs, Mr. Mitchell Ofoyeju, said,
“The agency considers the musical video ‘Fans Mi’ inappropriate and indecent. It has the tendency to negatively influence and induce drug use and trafficking.

Besides, it is counter-productive on the campaign against drug production, trafficking and abuse.

The agency is investigating the matter and will take necessary action.” Also speaking, popular music video critics, Mrs. Nuella O’Peters, said,

“It’s really outrageous seeing a brand ambassador and a mentor to millions of African youths indulging in such acts.
He even went as far as using the substance for cooking in the video.

Can you imagine! It’s uncalled for. I do hope the Nigeria Broadcasting Corporation will do something about the video.”



  1. Dis is bull shit…u guys shud go after real criminals…whres d evidence after he used semovita as d substance..nawao…twas just an act so wat tha hell’s wrong wif dat…rubbish

  2. Whoever posted this comment is a liar and an illiterate, better still someone that cannot read and write. Watch d video again before bringn false news and assumptions.

  3. That’s not real cocaine, Its just a music video…Shit ain’t real. Fuck NDLEA, Fuck NBC…..

  4. it wasn’t hard drugs, just cassava flour, that’s why the drug buyer was mad in the end…please ndlea should stop these allegations…

  5. Seems dis peeps are illiterate. We all knw dat d substance is semo, that’s y they cooked et. Even d oyinbo later discovered et, dats y he was angry. They should go and watch d video again, mayb take deir kids along 2 explain tins beta 4 dem

  6. Fuck NDLEA, fuck the Nigerian Police, Fuck The Nigerian Government! Y’all are criminals and illiterate sitting where you ain’t supposed to! Your brain cells are all sagging. Y’all need to chill if you would choose to go after an hustle bcos y’all lack understanding! Fuck y’all again! BS

  7. This is bullshit!! They’re just trynna bring the guy down!! Fuck you if you didn’t notice it wasn’t coke!! Go watch that again. Loosers!!!!

  8. NDLEA is restricted behind the shores of the country, the video wasn’t shot in nigeria, so Wah the fuck do they want…

  9. Hahahahahahahah, anemies of progress, they are blind felons, rubbish, if anything happen to DAVIDO you will people will know that he’s someone son. Rubbish

  10. when did press media start publishing fake lies for god sake…is it because you guys are jealous of davido’s success.


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