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Cynthia Morgan Vs Wale Gates – New beef

Cynthia Morgan Vs Wale Gates – New beef



Omo, the girl was not playing oh!

Self-claimed godmother and “German Juice” singer, Cynthia Morgan has gone on a massive rampage against Wale Gates on Twitter, and she did not hold back.

The whole situation started when Cynthia Morgan went on a TV interview yesterday and said “I can’t date any man in the entertainment industry, they’re full of crap”.

Well for some reason, Wale Gates had a need to respond to Cynthia’s comment and he tweeted back:

What he tweeted was a quote of what Cynthia said, a number of smiling emojis and the comment “Oh Lord I thank u 4d new ME”.

Well, the guy touched live wire because Cynthia Morgan DID NOT have it at all!

She took to Twitter this morning with some very strong words for Wale. She tweeted back:

“You can talk brov.u cn find ur old sef back real quick just for this one last time!”

“I look like the Oda female artistes to u?i will smack d fuckoutta u.on sight!am gangsta like dat!find d old u bck ”

“When dz niggas say Shi about not wanting nothing to do with female entertainers Cz they think dey loose n notgood women u guys don’t trip!”

“I Phucking have my own opinion and dz females too know wats good for them too alredy!”

“Yes I said they full of crap…”dey don’t know how to love a woman.And did I forget to add they broke too?#only few exempted”

WOW! Just let me know your opinion abeg, this is very interesting.



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