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UI Students Protest Death Of Colleague | Photo

UI Students Protest Death Of Colleague | Photo


U.I is hot right now and here is a report sent to me by a witness.

Greetings, sir

He suffocated due to excessive heat and bad ventilation during the match, too many students in the room and others blocking the windows from outside. He was struggling inside for a bit then he fainted. At that point, they brought him out but then people still surrounded him trying to see him while some fanned him as they begged students to draw back. This went on for more than  mins as he started turning, I think his body was already having very low oxygen. I went to get a cab but a private car carried him just as I got there. I think he died either on the way to jaja or as they got there.


Students of the University of Ibadan (last night) and this morning are protesting the death of a fellow student. According to reports from multiple students who reach us, Mayowa Alaran, a 200l student of Human Kinetics (pictured above) was watching the Barca match in his hall yesterday when he suddenly slumped.

He was rushed to the school’s clinic, Jaja Clinic, where students claim they were told by nurses that they won’t attend to the sick student unless they presented his clinic card. The nurses also allegedly asked for money. Mayowa later passed away in the clinic.

Students are now protesting his death, blaming it on the negligence and lackadaisical attitude of the health centre workers. The students want the school authority to take action. They say it’s not the first time a student has died due to the attitude of the nurses at their health centre. Rest in peace, Mayowa.





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