Home Entertainment Gists Stella Damasus And Hubby, Daniel Shows Off New Look | Photo
Stella Damasus And Hubby, Daniel Shows Off New Look | Photo

Stella Damasus And Hubby, Daniel Shows Off New Look | Photo



Nollywood actress, Stella Damasus and hubby, Daniel Ademinokan rocked same outfit in the photo.  The couple shared this pic for their fans to see how their love keeps waxing stronger everyday





  1. I really respect Stella, but I am disappointed in her! What is d babe posing around with? Shameless agbaya! Is dt not Doris Simeon’s former hubby?

  2. Agbaya! Na she break d marriage na, stupid idiot. U will see y d Aboderins does not relate with her after her 1st husband’s death. After d man’s death she married another person o b4 these now, she just dey jump around.and d yeye guy sef na o lo ju kokoro.God will judge them.

  3. Pls pals i think we should all mind our business & let her b ! u dnt knw wat u or someone in ur family would do 2mr it might b even worse !

  4. Peeps saying God will judge them..yes allow God to judge them and not us..We only know stories from hear say..never belive hear…We don’t knw what happens in people’s home..If shez happy be happy for her..If she snatch person husband let it be God that would judge her..biko thou shall not judge by hear say

  5. This life is something else,I wonder hw a lady will be happy wen anoda is sad,y ds guy?y not anoda guy mumy stella.seriously u no no shame for urself$children. But rmember dat wat goes arnd comes arnd. The cane wey dem take beat d older one dey wait for d yonger one.we go hear abt am dat time.I cover my eyes make woman no dey shame of d numbers of men wey don climb am wen u no be ground wey legs dey match anyhow.

  6. Stella am so so happy for u. I pray dat for dis relationship to last forever. haters can go and hug transformer. thumbs up girl

  7. Daniel!!!! where is Doris and Tonto Dike????? Daniel, u have to be careful, u date virtually all Nigerian stars (Actresses) what is ur problem? its now Stella. Stella, open ur eyes. Doris Simeon is my good friend

  8. Stella am happy for u. I know Doris very well, she is my friend but DAT doesn’t say I should crucify u. You know why, just follow ur heart and be careful my dear.

  9. nothing much to say. but all I just gatto say is hope this relationship started on a clean slate and not you originate the break of his ex marriage Cus if so I just wanna tell you its never a good thing to base your joy on someone else’s sadness.
    ..and if not so..then apy love life!


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