Home Entertainment Gists Nadia Buari Shares Another Picture Of Her Twins And Their Dad
Nadia Buari Shares Another Picture Of Her Twins And Their Dad

Nadia Buari Shares Another Picture Of Her Twins And Their Dad



Actress Nadia Buari who isn’t ready to let the world know what her girls looks like shared an adorable photo of herself, her twins and her baby daddy’s feets.

she wrote in the caption “un amour comme le nôtre”. Which in English means “A Love like Ours”..






  1. Nadia should get serious, is dat even worth calling a picture, i love her aloot, but am jus seeing legs. If she cant capture the faces, she shouldn’t post n way

  2. God! Y ar literate pple behaving like illiterate pple, I thought of seeing a nice n lovely pix bt end up seeing dis shit, abeg naija its seems una neva see d change wey una want, wat a rubbish. If u wan show ur pix show, if u no want go to hell.

  3. Hmmmm those legs don’t even look like Jim Iyke’s legs,what nonse. Instead of her being proud of having babies with him by showing us all the full pics,all she does is showing us pics of some feet that looks like it’s a white or metis guy’s feet.Fuck that.if u not proud of ur baby’s Daddy stop letting the world know trash my dear.loved u but u just destroyed my love for u.

  4. Haha i love the suspense she is giving us its good to do things in a different way sometimes comeon guys let the gal have a little bit of fun she cant hide them forever

  5. u know their ways of life, there might not be a concrete agreement btw both , So showing him off might be irrelevant. She will soon hook up with another man nd She won’t want us to be disappointed

  6. hahaha. Una dey para o! y are u too poking in som1 affair must u guys know? make una leave am jare

  7. Your comment..she cud probably been rapped dat is y she’s nt pleased wt her divine gifts frm God.you can hid him for eternity..na u knw

  8. hynmmm….just expected Nadia’s adorable face plus other faces, but greatly disappointed. nway, dat’s hw she does her thingz. we shudn’t interfere her brains.
    Nadia, u shud atleast be proud of HIM n’ the products.

  9. This is abrupt nonsense OK ….are twins supposed to be those rags you displayed as showing your twin babies…..nonsense… Stop playing with people’s emotions

  10. Nadia, thank you very much for leaving us in suspense ok. For God’s sake are you two not marry?, please should us their faces befor we have you in content. Is like you are cheating on somebody.


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