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I Did Not Leave Acting- Caroline Danjuma

I Did Not Leave Acting- Caroline Danjuma



In a recent interview with Punch, Caroline Danjuma talked about why she took a break from acting, marriage life and more.

Read excerpts from the interview below:

On why she took a break from acting
I did not leave acting. What I did was set my priorities right. At the time I left the scene, I was a newly-wed and a young mother. All that mattered to me were my husband and children. We all know that acting is very demanding, so I had to do a careful consideration.

I had just graduated from the University of Calabar, where I studied for a degree in Environmental Protection and Geography at the University of Calabar and I had a lot of things on my plate.Because talent never wanes, I decided to concentrate on working on the foundation of my marriage and my children. I tried to go back to the industry but I think the time wasn’t right.

You were already doing great as an actress at the time you got married. Was it a tough call to let go of fame to concentrate on marriage and family?

I got married about the time I won the Best Actress Award for my role in Mass Destruction at The Nigeria Movies Award that was hosted in Tinapa. However, it was very easy for me to make the switch because I am a go-getter. At that time, my mind was set on marriage; I always wanted to be married at a certain age. I was already a graduate and I wanted to get married and have kids because I felt it was a form of responsibility. Thankfully it happened.

On if she miss spintsterhood
I don’t miss anything because I am an introvert; I love to stay at home and have a good laugh. When I want to go on an adventure, it has to be a really crazy one. I love horror movies and I am not the type who loves to party because I am very shy.

You have been married for a decade, how would you describe the journey?

The institution is not for fickle minds. I have learnt to be patient, extremely prayerful, kind and I don’t take things for granted. Even though I wanted to be married because I wanted to have children and a husband I can come home to, I have learnt that marriage is much more than the aforementioned. I have gone through the moulding stage; I am now a beautiful masterpiece.

My husband is extremely supportive of everything I do, he protects me and doesn’t want me to do anything that would hurt me and I appreciate that. I know what pleases him and he hasn’t stopped me from being a part of Nollywood. He knows I love being a creative person.




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