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Fashola Wants Low-Key Inauguration And Handover Ceremonies



Lagos State Governor, Babatunde Raji Fashola said May 29 handover should be more focused on informing Nigerians about the direction the new government will be taking instead of usual fanfare.

According to him, this is how inaugurations are marked across the world.

Fashola said “I think we should do what normal countries do as regards inauguration. There should not be too much fanfare about this. We should understand that the tenure of the current administration will end on the midnight of May 28.

“A new President and new government are in office subject to the constitutional requirement of Section 140 of the constitution to declare their assets and take their oath of office. So, essentially, what people see during the day is ceremonial.

“The law has taken its course at midnight. So, that is the most important thing. So, I hope at various state levels and national level, we will hear indicative directions about which way we are going (on inauguration day),”




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