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Actor, Desmond Elliot Wants to be Governor of Lagos



Nollywood actor cum elected political office holder, Desmond Elliot, has disclosed that he would like his political career to lead him to the seat of the Governor of Lagos state in some years to come.

The actor, who won the Lagos state House of Assembly election and would proceed to the State Assembly where he’ll be representing Surulere Constituency 1, believes that the future holds greater prospects for him as far as politics is concern.

In his words, “I am looking forward to becoming the elected Governor of Lagos State in not too distant future. I want to serve the people of Lagos and I know I can do it.”

“People say that politics is a dirty game, I don’t know exactly how dirty it can get but my intention basically is to serve humanity. My choice as a representative of the good people of Surulere constituency 1 is an added advantage for me to utilize my humanitarian service to my people. To me it is a bold step and a stepping stone; and I promise never to disappoint my constituents,” he noted.


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